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Make your Keto Diet Work for Your Family

On the Keto Diet, you eat lots of fresh meat, dairy, and vegetables but no grains, fruit, potatoes, beans, or sugar. No family eats whatever you put in front of them without question, so staying on a keto diet can be challenging for moms in charge of meals. Working in every family member’s different likes and dislikes while finishing homework and staying on top of laundry and soccer practice can make it near impossible. You have to have a meal plan to succeed.

Make a meal plan

Avoid making two complete meals, one keto for yourself and the other a traditional dinner for the family. Not only is it a lot of extra work, but it can also be expensive, and is demanding on your commitment to healthy eating and weight loss.

Put aside time in the carpool line or after everyone has gone to bed and lay out a plan for the week. Eating keto requires a detailed grocery and cooking plan to stay on track. You’ll need 30-45 minutes to create a plan with menus and a shopping list.

The most efficient meal plan is one that is mainly keto-friendly with one non-keto side that you avoid. Your kids will get the carbohydrates they need to grow, and you’ll minimize complaints about dinner. Plan to add extra fat to your plate to round out your diet in the same way that the carb is rounding out the rest of the family’s dinner. You’ll find more success if you prepare non-keto foods that don’t appeal to you, so you won’t have a hard time passing them up.

Limit non-friendly foods

If you’re the only one in your home on the keto diet, that doesn’t mean you have to supply junk food for everyone else. Let your family indulge in healthy snacks like veggies with dip, pretzels with hummus, and fruit.

You may have to watch others have some things you can’t have, but everyone will be eating whole foods that contribute to their bodies. Allowing healthy carbs at home will help everyone eat better without feeling deprived or cranky, and also lowers temptation to cheat.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle

When you’re raising a family, you want to encourage healthy eating habits while still leaving room for a few treats. You don’t want to affect their attitudes toward food and eating and the perception of their bodies. Children will model restrictive diet behavior that can profoundly affect their growth and development.

Focus on teaching your kids to eat whole, healthy foods without labeling certain foods as bad. Eating this way at home can be good for your whole family, and may be the healthiest meal they eat all day!

Your entire family will eat healthier foods

It’s difficult to skip foods you love while others enjoy them. The easiest way to feed your family and stay loyal to keto is to cook mainly keto-friendly foods and make a few minor adjustments for the rest of the family.

The benefit of the keto diet is that your entire family will get meals based on fresh meat, vegetables, and dairy. They’ll understand that eating healthily takes planning and can lead to lifelong good choices.


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