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Loyal Army Clothing

Photobucket I am completely in love with the clothes from Loyal Army Clothing!
It’s not very often I find a clothing store that has cute clothing for the kids but also for ME!! I had the hardest time trying to decide on what to get, and in the end I picked the Stormy Argyle Zoe. I can’t believe all the compliments I get on the sweatshirt.

I love the cute little storm clouds all over it, and the colors are so much fun! One thing I also really like is that it has a vintage feel to it. I love the big band around the bottom as well. I like that the bottom hem, right above the band is frayed. It’s adorable!

There are tons of other designs for women, including matching bags and purses!

Sarah received the ever so adorable Treat Me Right Tee with matching pants. The tee says “Treat Me Right” “Good planets are hard to find” This is such a fun tee!

Sarah loves it. I love how soft it is!

Don’t forget the adorable infant onesies, tees and sweatshirt sets! They are absolutely the cutest things ever!

Here at Loyal Army we live in the world of Kawaii, which is Japanese for “cute”. Our bright bold colors and our crazy characters just want to make friends with you and invite you to join our army of cuteness.

Loyal Army began inlate 2005 and to date our line is all over the world in fun stores everywhere. Our staff of about 12 works round the clock to bring you our super softtees, hoodies, thermals, tanks and a full line of accessories.

So head on over to Loyal Army Clothing, trust me your gonna love this store!

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