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Lovecharmz – custom photo jewelry

Your photos. Your life. Your style.

When I first saw Lovecharmz I fell in love with the shop. How can you not fall in love with custom photo jewelry?

Capture your memories and keep them close to your heart forever. At lovecharmz they create custom sterling silver jewelry and gifts from your favorite photographs. Images of loved ones are sealed within unique sterling silver charms, making them waterproof, fade-proof and scratch resistant.

When I was asked which piece of jewelry I’d like to see with my own pictures I was very excited and knew I wanted a bracelet. I choose the Heavy Chain Dangle Bracelet. It took about three weeks from the day I ordered it to receive it. Which is exactly what it states on the website.

I knew the bracelet would be pretty but I never expected it to be as beautiful as it is.

What I also love about lovecharmz is that you can order just photo charms. If you already have a bracelet you love or a necklace, then order the photo charms and add them to your bracelet/necklace.

Trust me, you WILL fall in love, jsut like I did!

lovecharmz was founded by Sandra Birnie. As a new mom with a passion for jewelry, Sandra wanted to have a photocharm of her son that she could add to her charm bracelet. She had seen photocharms before, but found it difficult to find any of a quality and style that she would want to wear. Also, leading an “on the go” lifestyle, she needed photocharm jewelry that was waterproof and scratch resistant to keep up with her fast-paced life.

Unable to find a photocharm that fit all these criteria, she started lovecharmz to offer sterling silver photojewelry and accessories to the women of today. lovecharmz offers photojewelry and accessories for today’s lifestyle. A marketer by trade, lovecharmz provided Sandra the perfect opportunity – to embrace a new business challenge while working from home and being close to her son.

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