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Love Blogging? Here’s How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Blogging is arguably one of the biggest innovations, or cultural trends, to have emerged since the aughts; one that is still going strong today. If you’re a budding writer, cinephile, lifestyle guru, or simply someone who is extremely passionate about their hobby, a blog is the best way to announce your interests and reach an audience straight away. 

While the blogs of yore felt hyper-personal and were ok with being raw and unpolished, things are markedly different these days. If you harbor hopes of turning your blog into a bonafide side hustle for you or a way to get your name out there and earn you bigger gigs in your field, then you need to craft your approach in a more mindful and deliberate way. In order for your blog to be a resounding success in an increasingly crowded digital world, it helps to focus considerable energy on bringing more traffic to your website. You don’t need to completely change the identity of your blog and turn it into a clickbaity sort of site. But, you can encompass various sophisticated techniques to ensure that your blog remains something you love and can be successful doing. The following are a few ideas to help you get started.

Don’t Forget About the Keywords

One major element that people often forget about is SEO, which is short for search engine optimization. These days, almost all digital marketing focuses its efforts on SEO and boosting a website’s visibility online. The smart and intuitive use of keywords is at the heart of SEO and is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website. Every page on your blog should have a keyword strategy. This entails choosing one key phrase that you think will best redirect readers to your site and land on your post. You can further incorporate the phrase into the post’s title, and within the page’s content a few times alongside a featured image to further boost traffic. Basically, the concentration of these keywords helps Google get what your page is about, which in turn allows it to show up under specific searches which gives people browsing online a chance to find your website. Nothing online happens in a vacuum, especially the way people stumble upon new content.

Post Consistently

Few things cause potential fans of a blog to tune out faster than one that doesn’t feature enough posts and isn’t updated consistently. The more often you update your blog, sticking to a fairly regular schedule – e.g., every Tuesday and Saturday – will ensure that it will get more traffic. Google as a search engine generally gives higher priority to websites that provide new and fresh content to users. So, if you want your blog to get more attention from a search engine, then be sure to update it at least twice a week. And, make sure that it doesn’t come at the expense of quality! Your posts need to be both consistent and include vital content to keep your audience tuned in.

Use Social Media

Promotion on other social media networks, be it Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on, is key in order for your blog to thrive. You need to devote considerable time to cultivating the networks and “fan base” around your blog, and social media is a great way to keep you connected to others. Furthermore, know your brand or niche, and market your blog to like-minded websites or social media accounts to help your audience grow. Make sure you know who your target audience is, and keep your messaging specific and clear for them. 

Cultivate the Ecosystem

Building off of this idea that a website does not emerge on its own to prominence, but is rather part of a wider online ecosystem in which one form of communication feeds into the other, find ways to create buzz for your blog. One great technique is to find a guest post service that works, which can help you incorporate links that mention other, bigger websites or products that can siphon traffic your way when used properly. This way, search engines will pick up on these links easily and will direct users from other sites to come your way. Also, this trick helps build confidence in your readers since you are providing them with an important resource that makes researching what they’re looking for far easier. 

Another thing you can do is to invite guest contributors to write for your blog. This achieves two key goals: it helps bring their audience to you thus sharing their networks with you, and it also alleviates some of the pressure of generating fresh content. 

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Add More Visuals

Both photos and videos have been shown to help boost the readership of blogs. A website that is text-heavy doesn’t tend to attract as much attention as you’d like. A photo makes your post more visually appealing and boosts SEO for your site. Just make sure that the copyright is cleared, or use royalty-free stock photos from websites focusing on stock images. 

Also, adding videos of your own will help drive traffic to your website. Especially given that Google now owns YouTube, posting one form of content from one platform to another is a proven tactic to help drive traffic to your site. Videos are always a great supplement to written content that readers tend to enjoy.

Add Buttons

Social media buttons, that is. Make sure that the top of your blog posts includes links to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on. This helps readers to spread the word faster and show their appreciation when you create content they love. Also, you should do your part by retweeting past content to ensure that it reaches a wide audience. Sharing your blog post once it has been published is not a one and done thing. The majority of your growing fan base is not necessarily familiar with your past posts, and they will be seeing it for the first time. It shouldn’t be a problem at all to repeat your tweets, and there’s no reason for you to be shy to do so. 

While it’s important to focus your efforts on building an audience for your blog, it’s equally important to keep things fun. Or else, you run the risk of not enjoying your passion project anymore, which would be a shame. Also, your audience will feel it, which can impact your success. Make sure to have a good time, and your following will grow in no time.


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