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Looking After Your Mental Health During The Pandemic


It’s no surprise that many of us will be struggling with anxiety throughout the coronavirus pandemic. These are understandably stressful times, and so it’s important to look after your mental health as much as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to boost your mental health and ease the stress.

Try yoga

According to a study in the PMC, practicing yoga helps to lower cortisol levels and consequently, helps us to feel more relaxed. In another study cited in Healthline, 131 participants experienced a reduction in anxiety and stress levels after practicing yoga for ten weeks. It’s simple to practise yoga from home using just a yoga mat and YouTube videos. There’s also a great app called ‘Daily Yoga’, which provides access to hundreds of video yoga sessions.

Get enough sunlight

We need sunlight to get vitamin D, which helps to boost the immune system. Natural light is also vital to help our bodies produce endorphins, and consequently feel happier. Ensure that you take a walk each day, or spend some time in your garden (if you have one). It’s important to get enough exercise, and the lockdown doesn’t have to stop you from reaching your fitness goals.

Treat yourself

Being in lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself a little, you’ve got to keep on practising your self-care, so why not buy a few gifts to help you do that? Think new cute pyjamas, or some comfortable fluffy slippers? Perhaps hop on the 2020 loungewear trends?  Spend a little extra time on your skincare regime and get some nice bath salts or essential oils to practice aromatherapy.

Practice meditation

There are several different types of meditation; for instance, one type is ‘focused meditation’. Focused meditation involves an intense focus on one thing. The idea is to remain in the present moment and take a break from the constant inner dialogue of the mind. You might focus on a breathing technique, a mantra, or a relaxing soundtrack. To get you started on your meditation journey, try apps such as Calm or Headspace.

Healthy supplements

Many of us may be feeling anxious right now or finding it hard to sleep. Thankfully, there are many healthy and natural supplements that you can try. Valerian root is a plant which is grown across both Asia and Europe. The plant contains substances called isovaleric acid and valeric acid; these are thought to produce calming effects in the mind and body. St John’s Wort is another excellent supplement for anxiety; it’s believed that the hyperforin within this flower helps relax our nervous system.

Creative activities 

Creative activities are just about the best release of stress and tension out there! Whether it’s painting, writing, or playing a musical instrument, challenge yourself to get creative.
Above all, stay social (at a distance) during the pandemic. Whether it’s face-time calls or sending voice notes on your Whatsapp groups, make sure to keep in touch. These are strange times, but there’s of course light at the end of the tunnel. With any luck,  you’ll soon be swapping your PJs for the  latest fashion trends, and waving goodbye to the lockdown!


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