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Looking after Your Hearing

Protecting your hearing against unnecessary loss and damage is something everyone should be looking to protect at all times. The thing with hearing is, once it is gone, it is gone. 

So how can you look at protecting your hearing and make sure you retain this sense throughout your life?

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Wear Earplugs

On a day to day basis, chances are you won’t be constantly subjected to loud noises. Attending concerts, bars, working with loud machinery such as chainsaws on a frequent basis can have a detrimental effect on your hearing.

Where you can, choose to protect your hearing by wearing earplugs to reduce the impact loud noises have on your hearing. Subjecting your hearing to loud noises over time can lead to a permanent hearing loss and require you to be fitted for hearing aids to help you remain any loss of hearing. Learn more about what wearing a hearing aid can mean to you.

Reduce the Volume

Have you heard of the 60/60 rules for using earbuds? When using headphones use them for no longer than 60 minute periods at no more than 60% volume. This is the best way to protect your hearing for the long term.

When it comes to choosing the right earphones to use, it is preferable to wear over the ears headphones as they cause less damage than earbuds.

It is thought that over 1.1 billion people worldwide are at risk of hearing damage due to listening to music at unsafe levels on a regular basis.

Keep Your Ears Dry

Make sure to dry your ears after bathing and swimming. Use a towel to gently remove moisture from your ears and tilt your head if you can feel you have water in your ears. 

Moisture can allow bacteria to enter the ear and cause damage including infections which could contribute to hearing loss. If you are a regular swimmer, consider getting some customer made swimming earplugs to help you protect your ears from excessive water damage due to swimming.

Get Regular Check-Ups

Just as you would take care of every other part of your body by having regular checkups, make sure you have your hearing checked regularly too.

Your primary care physician can adapt your regular health checks to include hearing screenings if you have concerns or want to know everything is as it should be.

Do Not Put Anything Into Your Ears

As tempting as it can be, do not clean your ears with cotton buds. By using cotton buds to clean your ears you could not only cause damage to different parts of your ear, such as the eardrum but also introduce dust and bacteria to your ear.

Did you know, your ear is a self-cleaning organ, but if you are experiencing issues with wax build-up, you can clean around the ear canal gently with a damp towel or use an ear wax removal solution to slowly soften the wax so it flows out of the ear without you having to remove it yourself.

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