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Looking After Your Feet If You’re Always On Them

Our poor feet. They are the punching bag of the body, taking all of our weight, the brunt of impacts, and a lot of punishment. If you’re feeling regular pain from your toes to your heel and you live an active lifestyle, especially if you’re a runner, you are going to want to start taking better care of your feet. Here are a few ways to start doing that.

Establish your support system

First of all, whether your job, your home life, or you exercise has you on your feet regularly, you need to make sure you’re choosing shoes for practicality sake. It’s not just about looking good, after all. Make sure that you wear the right shoes when you’re up on your feet, including specific shoes for running like those shown at The most important factor in good shoes is that they offer full arch and heel support, as well as allowing for some breathing room where the toes are. If you’re wearing shoes purely for the look and they’re not all that supportive, then think about getting some in-soles instead. If you’re out on a night about town, heels can be very tempting for the appeal they offer, but try and reduce how often you wear them.

It’s not vain to care about your veins

If you’re regularly up on your feet, then poor circulation can become an issue, too. This can lead to swelling, to numbness and pain, and to those dreaded varicose veins. Beyond being an eyesore, varicose veins can be a risk factor for blood clots. So, beneath those appropriate shoes, wear the appropriate socks, like Compression socks can reduce swelling, improve circulation, and also result in a lot less chafing if you regularly walk or run for exercise. After exercise, make sure you treat your legs with heat so that circulation picks back up again, too. Remember, it’s not just so you don’t have unsightly veins or cankles, it will greatly reduce the pain you feel.

Try a little tenderness

After a hard day on your feet, make sure you’re being a little softer on them too as suggested at Take time getting rid of blisters on your feet and toes by constantly cleaning your feet, using aloe vera gel, and soaking your feet in a nice, warm foot bath after a walk or a run. If you’re just after some tough exercise, then sit down and give them a thorough rub, too. Not only does it feel delightful, but it’s going to help out all the little muscles that can feel really sore as a result of the tearing and repairing process that occurs during exercise. Your feet need a little care, so don’t skip it.

Not taking care of your feet isn’t only painful, it can be dangerous. The more you stress them, the more chances of developing ulcers that can lead to infections, not to mention the more serious injuries like plantar fasciitis that can develop as a result of strenuous walking or running.

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