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Little Health Improvements You Could Be Making Right Now

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Many people think that if they aren’t working out each day, or don’t have the body of an athlete, or aren’t perfectly tanned and have perfect dental health, that they are somehow missing out, and not suited toward a healthy, fit lifestyle. 

But you don’t have to be the epitome of fitness to live a fitter lifestyle. You don’t have to be the healthiest to improve your health. Little improvements, and incremental progress, can work in your favor in the best possible manner.

So – how can you achieve this with optimal consideration? How can you make yourself take that first step? And furthermore, if it hasn’t worked in the past, how can you move forward?

In the following advice, we hope to contribute a range of little improvements that you could be making right now. These shouldn’t be seen as homework, or harsh instructions, or anything of the kind. Sometimes all a person needs to move forward and adopt positivity in their life, more than they have, or in addition to the amazing work they have already done, is to have a warm hand on their shoulder encouraging them.

Let our guide serve as that:

Become A Little More Active

Most of us could do with becoming a little more active. It’s good for our mental health, our spiritual health, and of course, our physical health. You don’t have to go and lift weights or run for five miles to become a bit more active, but of course, starting a program such as Starting Strength or Couch 2 5k can be a fantastic achievement, and one worth appreciating. For some, healthier supplementation through the form of Penguin CBD could be enough.

Becoming a little more active simply means keeping yourself attendant to your fitness goals. If that means taking the dog for a walk for half an hour each day, hey, that’s half an hour of walking you weren’t engaging in before! Add that up over the course of a week, and you have a good few hours of walking and spending time with your pet. That’s how activity grows, and while it might not help you enter the Olympics anytime soon, it can be a fantastic means of growing and feeling better in yourself.

Meditating & Curating Your Mental Health

Your mental health is crucial to care for. You don’t have to suffer from a mental affliction to make this assessment. Your mind is important, and it’s not separate from you – it is you. This means that if you feel terrible regularly, or out of sorts, or overly stressed, or even in a worrying place perceptually, it’s important to get help for it.

That being said, while help from a professional should be your first port of call, there are also little incremental health improvements you could make. For some, that’s meditating regularly and dealing with their stress. For others, it’s reading at least 25 pages each day to help train their brain and help them stay sharp between the ears. For everyone, getting out into nature can be one of the most mentally nourishing activities they can deal with.

Self-care shouldn’t be considered an encouraging, nice addition to a life well-lived. It is fundamental to a life well-lived. This might sound a little too aggressive, but the more vocal we can be about that, the less people have to worry about a stigma when asking for help. Having a mental issue is in no way a reflection on your character, and in fact, seeking help despite that shows phenomenal internal strength. Sometimes, the little health improvement you could be making is accepting that fact wholesale.

Taking It Day By Day

Taking things day by day can be a nice place to begin. It enables you to focus on what’s important. Perhaps simply doing a few press ups and sit ups each morning helps you sit at the office comfortably. Using foam rollers or pads to stretch and work out all of the muscle stiffness you may have can be a phenomenal idea, and helps you open yourself up to a world of positive improvement.

Time is a great healer, but it’s also a great compounding force. People have surfaced from the deepest addictions to live healthy and sober lives because they incrementally took that (extremely difficult) process day by day. There’s nothing that says you can’t do this, either.

Ensuring Your Social Health

Remember that your social life can also affect your health, too. If you’re in a toxic friend group, are in a bad relationship, or simply have people in your life who do anything aside from lift you up and help you (remember – constructive criticism or ‘tough love’ from a parent isn’t toxic, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind), it can be worthwhile to consider just what these social dynamics are giving you.

Some people feel totally renewed when moving from their local area to a place with friendlier people, healthier reactions, and like-minded views. We are social creatures by nature, meaning that we do without that essential support to our peril. Can you trust people to help you if you needed them right now? Are you expected to do the same for those people? If the answer is imbalance, you might realize that you need to consider a new way forward.

Ensuring your social health isn’t pig-headedness, nor is it overdramatic. Sometimes, you just have to do that which is right by you. Most people have to put up with others they may not fully appreciate in a work setting, and so there’s no reason for you to deal with that at home.

Expressing Your Needs

Sometimes expressing your needs can be the best step forward bar none. It’s really hard to oversimplify how incredibly freeing this is. If you find that you’re a people pleaser to a fault, it can be much better to tell them what you need, or realize you need to take some time for yourself.

When you are growing in confidence this way, even incrementally, you slowly become your healthiest, most vibrant self.

With this advice, we hope you can make the little health improvements that make all the difference going forward.


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