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LightKeeper Pro® from Ulta-Lit Technologies

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Americans will spend millions of dollars this year replacing broken holiday light sets, but they don’t have to because there’s a solution that will save time, money and stress. Whether dealing with a faulty single strand of lights or a pre-lit tree that’s only half lit, LightKeeper Pro® from Ulta-Lit Technologies can quickly solve most light set problems.

The Lightkeeper Pro fixes most light sets and pre-lit trees in seconds. It finds the damaged bulb at the plug or at the bulb socket. Audible continuity detector pinpoints the problem by tracing the circuit to the point of interruption. The 3-way bulb puller gets tight bulbs out with ease. Storage compartment built into handle for bulbs and fuses.

You can purchase the LightKeeper Pro® from Ulta-Lit Technologies at Home Depot.

*A product was provided.

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