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Laptop Lunches

When Samantha started school I wanted to make sure she had a well balanced meal, and I wanted to also be more “green” and save money.

So I was really excited when I heard about Laptop Lunches! Finally something I can use to help with packing up Sam’s lunches, AND that is re-useable!

I let Sam choose which bento box she wanted, and she chose the Whimsical box. I love the colors of this box. But they have many other fantastic colors.

For the past week I have been making Sam lunches in her new Bento Box and have found that I have been giving her smaller and healthier portions for lunch. Not only am I more aware of what Sam is eating, but I know that were helping our planet as well.

What I also love about laptop Lunches is their Menu Planning section! I can find some tasty lunch ideas for Sam in the Lunch Menu section. Sam loves her Laptop Lunch. She also loves using a cloth napkin (Fabkins). So all you moms with school aged kids, you HAVE to pick up a Laptop Lunch for them. They will thank you and so will our planet!

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