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Kids And Traffic Safety

2.17.13sTeaching your children basic traffic safety is one of the most crucial aspects of being a parent. Children are not nearly as experienced as their parents when it comes to navigating the streets and certain traffic nuances elude them completely. Ensuring that your children are well versed in traffic system is a major responsibility. Let’s take a closer look at the lessons that hold the most importance.

1. Focus On The Why

While you can save money on reflective jackets and lately even such popular shops as Neiman Marcus sometimes offer safety accessories that can be purchased at budget prices thanks to Discountrue.com coupons, your children are still going to want to know why they have to wear them. Being a pedestrian can still be dangerous and kids need to know why they have to stop at certain crossings. Explain the dangers of speeding cars to them, as well as those who decide to come around corners suddenly, so that they have full awareness when making their way through the world.

2. There Are Always Teachable Moments

Your lessons will go a lot further when you take the time to teach your children while you are walking places together. This gives you chances to watch your child put the lessons into practice and will make you feel much safer about the prospect of allowing them to walk around your town or city on their own.

3. Eye Contact

A child needs to know that a driver is not always going to instinctively look out for them, especially those who are driving larger vehicles. They may not see a child until it is too late, which is why they will need to make eye contact with drivers before they cross the street. While some vehicles may have excessive tints and make this task impossible, this lesson still needs to be instilled in the child from day one.

4. Traffic Signals

In order to obey traffic signals, a young person needs to learn more about all of them first. A parent’s job is to point out each individual road or traffic sign and explain the meaning to their child in a manner that is clear, concise and easily understood. The younger your child is when you start to pass these lessons down, the better their chances of maintaining a strong understanding as they grow older.

5. Crossing Between Vehicles

A lot of children (and even some foolish adults) will try to cross the road in between cars. Crossing between cars, even those that are parked, can be dangerous. This is because a child who chooses this method for crossing the street is even harder for a speeding vehicle to spot. They are also not able to see what is coming from the other side of the street. Children should also be taught to exercise the same level of caution when they are walking past a driveway.



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