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Keeping The Love Alive: Anniversary Gifts With Impact

Having children can take its toll on the best relationship. When was the last time you and your man spent any quality time together? If you’re anything like most parents, it’s longer ago than you can remember. But, all relationships need nurturing from time to time. And, what better excuse than when you have an anniversary coming up? Buying gifts for men is never an easy task, and an anniversary is no different. But, it’s important you put a little thought in. This is the time for you and your man to remember those early days of your love. And, to appreciate all the years since! An anniversary present should say something about the love the two of you share. It’s a hard thing to get right, but the perfect gift is sure to hit the spot. If you’re short on ideas, we’ve got a few that should be of some help!


It may sound horrible, but the best gift you can give your man is to get rid of the kids during your anniversary. And, this gift won’t cost you a thing! Okay, you may have to pay for babysitters. But, that’s it! Keeping the children around while you celebrate your anniversary could be a mistake. Though they are the best thing that’s come from your relationship, an anniversary should be about the two of you. Arrange a babysitter, or send the kids to stay with a family member for the night. That way, you can do whatever you fancy without having to worry. If you’ve been distant from each other for a while, this time alone will give you time to reignite a little intimacy. Even better, you won’t have to worry about little eyes peeking something they shouldn’t! Once you’ve arranged somewhere for the kids to stay, turn your attention to finding the perfect gift.


Whether your anniversary is a special one or not, a gift that from the past can be a fantastic choice. What better way to celebrate than to take your man back to the best times in your relationship. Of course, what this gift is will depend upon the special moments you’ve shared. Do you have a favourite song? Maybe a trip to a particular place would do the trick. Or, you could return to the restaurant from your first date. This gift is a cheap option, but it will have more sentimental value than most other choices. If you’re struggling to find something, think outside the box. You could order a backdated newspaper from the day you met, or revisit a film that from around that time. You don’t just have to pick one of these choices. Why not make the whole day a blast from the past? If you still have it, you could even put on the outfit you were wearing when the two of you first met, or bracelets for couples.  The more effort you put into this plan, the better.


A night without the kids is all well and good, but staying at home could find you talking about them anyway. When you’re surrounded by the things you see every day, it may be hard to get into the romantic headspace. A romantic holiday would tackle that problem. If you’re going down this path, you’ll need to find someone who can have the kids for the duration of your time away. But, it’ll be well worth it. If you explain the situation to your family, they’ll surely be able to help you out! Then, you can start planning your time away. If possible, keep this a secret from your man. You may have to tell him the dates so that he can arrange cover etc. Other than that, don’t mention what you’re planning.

If there’s somewhere the two of you have always wanted to visit, now could be a perfect time. If not, take your pick of dream destinations. Remember that romance is the goal here. You could aim for somewhere like Paris and get lost in the romantic culture. Or, you could look for somewhere exclusive, where you can get lost in each other’s company. How about a week in Barbados? You can relax on a quiet white sand beach and soak up the sun together! Make sure to choose something that you know your man would enjoy. Then, surprise him with the tickets before you go!


Who says only women like jewelry as a gift? Not us! Why not buy your man the perfect jewelry piece? It’s worth spending a decent amount of money on this. That way, you can rest easy that it will last for years to come! Try to pick something that he can wear every day, as a reminder of the love you share. Like a wedding ring, though he already has one of those! Look into mens gold bracelets. Simple statement pieces like these will go with all his outfits, and are sure to last a long time! Or, you could buy him a simple gold chain necklace. Bear in mind, though, that a necklace may be harder to pull off in the office. To make the gift more meaningful, you could have an inscription included. That way, your man can turn to your words whenever he needs! If you want a personal message inscribed, think carefully about what you would like it to say. You only get one chance to get it right! Or, you could play it safe and have your names and the date of your anniversary inscribed instead! If your man isn’t keen on jewelry, you could get him a good quality pair of cufflinks instead. These will offer a reminder of you whenever he goes to work! You could have these personalized, too. Why not get cufflinks with each of your initials on them? Wearing those is sure to cheer him up if he’s ever having a bad day!


If you have a creative flair, why not use it to make your man a gift? We all know that homemade gifts mean that bit more. And, the more meaning in an anniversary gift, the better! In keeping with looking back, a scrapbook could be the ideal choice. The good thing about scrapbooking is that you can get stuck in with relatively little experience. If it’s your first time, get a few ideas online. Then, get stuck in. Stock up on a high-quality book and a few arts and crafts supplies. The format you choose is entirely down to you. The most important thing is to include plenty of photographs of you and your man. But, the beauty of scrapbooking is that you can add other things, too. If you’re the type of person who likes to keep mementos, you should have plenty of stuff to go in there. If not, you may have to think outside the box. Think back through your relationship, then make designs to remember each event! Make sure, too, to put plenty of your personality into the book. Make sure that your man smiles each time he sees it!


If your man has a fascination with space, naming a star after him could be the perfect gift. It’s even possible to name two stars side by side. How romantic would that be? As well as naming the star, you can backdate it. So, you could name two stars after the both of you and date it back to when you first met or married. Many companies offer this service. But, you’re better off looking for the official star-registry site. That way, you know the star is in a formal database! They also ensure that all stars can be seen with the naked eye, so you’ll be able to show your man where his star is in the sky! As well as naming the star, you’ll get a certificate stating its location and the name and date you’ve chosen. Most companies also offer the chance to add a personal message to the certificate. Make the most of the gift by getting the certificate framed once it arrives!


And, it’s not only stars that you can put your man’s name to! Personalized gifts are big business. If you can think of it, you can probably get it personalized. For an anniversary gift, personal is best. You’ll need to think of your man’s tastes to get the perfect thing. If he’s a beer drinker, you could buy him a personal beer glass. Or, is wine more his thing? No problem! Or, you could buy a personalized photo frame or duvet set. How about personalized bathrobes for the two of you? Or, personalized bath towels. These would be perfect if you argue over towels all the time! Get thinking and see what you can find. It’s even possible to buy books personalized to a certain someone. The sky really is your limit with this choice!

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