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Keeping Phones Pretty yet Protected

Have you been looking for that perfect phone case that stands out yet will keep your phone from being shattered if you accidentally drop it? Check out Velvet Caviar.

Pretty yet Protective TM isn’t just their slogan, but Velvet Caviar’s mission.

We were tired of boring plain cases and cheap knockoffs. So in 2014 we set out to change the game by making some of the cutest protective cases on Earth.

I absolutely love the White Marble Blue case. This stunning and protective marble case features a white base with shiny, metallic blue stone cracks. It comes in a gloss finish and has a matching light blue bumper for added protection against drops!

You can buy matching accessories too! There is the Rings. Is your phone slipping out your hands too often or just keeps falling on your face when you lay in bed? Meet the beautifully matching phone ring holders for your phone cases! Each phone grip ring serves as a comfortable phone finger holder for your phone as you’re using it or carrying it through out the day.

The set is not complete without a charger! Portable Phone Chargers have become an essential piece of our lives. Mobile phones become faster every year, but their battery life doesn’t look to get any better. After several hours of texting, surfing the web, and picture taking, your phone’s battery is about to die. Fortunately, you can now charge your phone from your pocket. The Portable iPhone chargers and Samsung Portable Chargers are a lifesaver & are one of the best phone accessories for your iPhone or Galaxy device in which you can invest.

You can find tons more styles for iPhone’s and Android phones. All different colors and even more Accessories. Head on over to velvetcaviar.com to check everything out.

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