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Keeping my kids safe, happy, and healthy

You might think healthy living is all about the food you put into your body, but it’s also about the environment you inhabit. As a mom, it’s up to me to make sure that my home is a safe place for my family. Safety includes everything from being ready for first aid to making sure the home is clear from lead paint, pests, or mold.

Here’s how you can stand up to these unhealthy risk factors…

Give your house a physical

The best way to find out about contaminants or substances is to have a professional house inspection completed. Most of us are familiar with home inspectors because they are consulted when a property is changing hands.

Inspectors thoroughly examine properties to ensure the structure isn’t compromised by pests, water damage, or any contaminants. It’s like going to the doctor for a checkup and having routine tests run.

Inspectors use technology like radar, thermal sensors, and cameras to determine if there is insect damage. If you suspect water damage or mold, inspectors can use moisture sensors to look behind walls, ceilings, and floors for leaks and rotten wood. Infrared technology can be used to evaluate airflow and eliminate human error while interpreting data.

Inspect for pests

The Lone Star State is full of critters, and it’s a constant battle to keep them out of our home. Scorpions make their way into the house in the middle of the night and sting bare feet and pets.  Pests like termites or carpenter ants can decimate a property quietly, causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage before you become aware of their presence.

Having a home infested with pests is unpleasant and dangerous. Flies, cockroaches, and rodents transmit hundreds of diseases and can cause allergic reactions in people living in the vicinity. A professional pest inspection can help identify any pest-related damage that requires repair and provide advice to protect against future infestations.

Detecting contaminants

Home inspectors offer a full range of testing services for contaminants in the air, water, or soil of your home. Knowing your community or home’s situation and level of risk is key to knowing what elements should be tested. Good local options like Building and Pest Gold Coast inspectors know the community dangers that are most common, and can test level of risk for certain bacteria, pesticides, or lead contamination.

Maintaining water quality takes vigilance and requires annual testing. Most homeowners test for nitrate and total coliform, but testing the water for other substances like heavy metals, contaminants, radon, organic and inorganic chemicals is a good idea.

Radon is a dangerous radioactive gas harmful to humans if inhaled in large quantities. One in five homes has elevated levels, so testing your home is crucial to keeping your family safe.

Keep your family safe

My home is more than a building; it’s the place that keeps my family safe. As storms become more frequent and violent due to climate change, I find it’s a good idea to schedule home inspections to keep your family safe and healthy.

Professional home inspectors have insights into what dangers to test in your community and the technology to get the most accurate results. They can offer informed suggestions and advice on how you can prevent future problems.


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