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Keep your skin safe with Coppertone

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We love being apart of the Coppertone Water MOMS. Last year I was introduced to Babies Pure & Simple Lotion and Spray and it quickly became my go to sun block. Everyone in my family uses it.

Below are some tips on Sun Safety by Dr. Elizabeth Hale:

TIP 1: Brush up on your knowledge of broad spectrum protection
TIP 2: Make sun protection a priority for the whole family
TIP 3: Be aware of skin sensitivities
TIP 4: Match your sunscreen with your activity level
TIP 5: Boost your protection beyond sunscreen

You can find more of her tips at

We keep a wide range of the Coppertone Sunscreens in the diaper bag, beach bag and also on the boat. Shelby is so used to getting sunblock she brings it to you now to put it on! I love that it keeps all my kids skin safe from the sun, but it has no scent so it does not attract any bugs, and it’s gentle on their skin.


It’s important to know what sunscreen is safe for you and your family. Make sure you check the EWG Safe Sunscreen Guide.  You’ll be pleased to know that all Coppertone is ranked a 2 which is safe!
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