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Keep bugs away from your outdoor plans


If you are like me then you have been looking for a  non-toxic, DEET-free way to naturally keep bugs away without the use of messy, sticky and often toxic sprays right? I have even made my own bug sprays just to stay away from those bug sprays that I know are toxic for my family but even then the bugs still find us!

Well last week before our family camp trip I was Introduced to MOSQUITNO™ an  all-natural bug repellent wristbands, ankle bands and stickers. Simply slip a band on your wrist or ankle, or place a sticker anywhere on your body and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities from casual backyard play to outdoor sporting. Whether you are gardening, hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, BBQing, playing in the park or taking walks or even sitting still in nature, nothing should stop you for enjoying what you love to do. MOSQUITNO products are great for kids and adults.

The all-natural, non-toxic MOSQUITNO wristbands, ankle bands, and Spotz stickers are infused with natural citronella oil, with a pleasant citrus aroma to repel mosquitoes, gnats, flies and no-see-ums. As long as you can smell the citrus aroma the products are working. The stronger the smell, the more effective protection it will provide. One wristband should be enough to provide adequate protection on an average day, however depending on the density of mosquitoes and the time of day an additional MOSQUITNO wristband, ankle band, or Spotz sticker may be required.


The wristbands are effective for 120 hours (5 days) and come in a resalable package to preserve effectiveness when not in use. The stickers are effective for 72 hours.

MOSQUITNO’s Spotz sticker can be applied directly on your clothes, shoes, hats and backpacks. These are great for providing extra protection wherever needed, such as near the neckline when placed on hats or shirt collars. Spotz are available in themes including earth tones, primary colors, kids, sports and specialty, which includes a smiley face, American flag, camo, MOSQUITNO logo, peace sign and sun sticker.


With MOSQUITNO, you won’t even know you are wearing bug repellent. You won’t have to spray yourself head to toe, with the messy and often toxic bug sprays. This is a worry-free way to be bug-free. All product lines are all-natural, and non-toxic to humans and animals, including insects.


MOSQUITNO will collect and recycle used bands! For every 10 bands you return, they will send you 2 new bands for free – one to say thank you and one to cover your shipping!

MOSQUITNO bands and Spotz retail price is $3.99 and are available at www.mosquitnoband.com/ CVS Health, Meijer, Tractor Supply and many other local outdoor sporting, lawn & garden, hardware or grocery/pharmacy retailers.

Use the code: Mommy10 for 10% any order placed on mosquitnoband.com 

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