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Parenting is beautiful, messy, exhausting and wonderful. It’s clear that today’s parents want and expect more from the world around them. But while information is great—real experience is even better. That’s why Medela is connecting families with each other to share what they’ve learned and how they’ve solved some of their challenges.
I love Medela Through It All campaign and how it offers families a place to share their experiences with breastfeeding and pumping. New and expecting parents can see how it looks different for each family, each mother and each child. It’s a welcoming space that offers support and comfort during what can be a particularly challenging time.

The conversation is on Medela’s new dedicated resource site page:, which features real stories and real experiences from real Medela families highlighting diverse parenting experiences: surrogacy and donating breast milk, pumping while in the military, being a mom of multiple children, being same sex parents and breastfeeding and more. is a place for expecting, and new moms and families to:

  • Hear from real families who have gone through a similar path, such as establishing a pumping schedule or speaking with your employer about getting breaks to pump at the office.
  • Access all of Medela’s online resources designed to support breastfeeding moms and families.
  • Engage with other moms/families via Medela’s social platforms about similar experiences breastfeeding, pumping and parenting a new baby.

To learn more about #ThroughItAll and join to the conversation on Medela’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter channels.

I am very grateful that when it comes to going back to work I can turn to Medela and their amazing products and support to continue to pump for my baby.

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Like the Medela Freestyle Pump and the Shoulder bag. I can take everything I need with me on the go. Even while on trips/vacation not just work.

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Also available via, readers can access the full suite of resources developed for moms’ unique lifestyles, including transitioning back to work via, and on-the-go breastfeeding support with the MyMedela breastfeeding app.

*A product was provided.

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  1. Looks like they have it all! I breastfed my little ones years ago, & they didn’t have all these nice products!

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