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Jack went missing last night…

Well we were so sad, our little dog Jack went missing yesterday after I opened the front door to take trash out and he darted out between my legs. What made it more sad was that it was snowing HARD yesterday, so all afternoon I was scared that he would freeze to death. He never came home last night. We were very sad…

Well this morning Samantha happened to look outside the window and saw a woman with two kids walk by with JACK!!

I ran outside and she saw me, so I started calling Jack. She told me that they took him home because of the storm and was going to bring him back around our neighborhood today (like she did). I thanked her profusely for keeping him, and we were so worried about him!

The one mistake I have made was that I have not bought a dog tag for him. If I had then people would have known where he belonged.

So what did I do right now? I bought Jack his pet tag! I just went to Love Your Pets and ordered one. You can’t beat $3.95. Hopefully we will have our tag within the week or so.

Aren’t they cute? If you haven’t ordered your pet a tag yet go do it now!

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