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It’s World Breastfeeding Week!

One thing I am completely excited about with this new baby is nursing again. I know there are many other reasons I am excited for us to be adding to our fmaily, but that bond I create I with my babies from nursing is something I am excited for.

One thing I always hated was the way breastfeeding moms are treated. It’s like nursing your baby is something that should be done in private or in the bathroom. Recently we all heard about how a mom was asked to leave a big named store in New York just because she was nursing her baby.

See my photo above? I was nursing my 2 month old at school in a 3rd grade class. Sure I sat behind a cabinet to be discreet, but you can not see any of my breast, Do you see anything wrong with this photo? Anything wrong with me nursing my baby?

WABA is pleased to announce the World Breastfeeding Week theme for 2011 focusing on engaging and mobilising youth intergenerational work with the catchy slogan of: “Talk to me! Breastfeeding – a 3D Experience”. The theme deals with communication at various levels and between various sectors.

It’s time for the world… ok the USA mostly to get over moms nursing in public.  I love when I see places offer special places for nursing moms to go. I recently went to the Arcadia Mall and was blown away with the family lounge. There was a room for changing your baby, a private room with comfy chairs to nurse your baby, they even had mini sofas and TV playing Disney Channel for your children to sit in and be entertained, not to mention the bathroom had a big toilet for parents and tiny toilets for toddlers! I was in love with this lounge and wished every mall had these family lounges.

But… then there are other places, like the Santa Monica Pier. I happened to be with my sister at the time who was nursing her 4 month old. We saw a sign that said Nursing Station.  We thought, awesome a place she can go, get out of the heat and nurse the baby……

Yes, this is what the Santa Monica Pier thinks of nursing moms. They expected nursing moms to feed their baby in the middle of the bathroom!  Needless to say Kristin nursed Brooklin on the bench outside in the shade.

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing a mother can do for her child. These is nothing sexual with it. I am very proud of myself because I can say that for Sarah’s entire first 7 months of her life , seeing her grow and thrive was all thanks to me. She never had any kind of supplements, food, juice nothing but breast milk.

Whenever I have any friends who are pregnant, while I encourage breastfeeding I always tell them my story and what helped me. I hope that one person gives nursing a try from me talking to them.

Join us August 1-7th as we celebrate World breastfeeding Week!

Oh and if your in the San Diego area next weekend, join the awesome The Big Latch On Event! If I had a baby to nurse I’d be there.

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  1. Amen! I know there are some moms who just dont like the idea and never want to try it, or tried it and it just wasnt for them or they were too stressed to do so. I nursed 6 kids at a time when I did get support from my sister (who joined a le leche league group before I had my kids) but other than that had NO support. They just told you you should and sent you home to deal on your own. I nursed all kids at least 7 months and as long as 18 months(my son had horrible milk and other food allergies so this was safest and best for him). I also find that part of my life, though all the wonderful experiences of mother hood…was the very best of all moment. The quiet and calm it gave me when I HAD to find time to sit down and just breath. And bond with each one of them on their very own time. Nothing like it in my opinion. and yes, the US is far behind on the importance of catering to their children and the mother’s that feed them. And not sticking them in dirty bathrooms to feed…would you take a child’s dinner into a dirty mall bathroom and feed them in there? Ick. Sorry, got me rattled. It is my dream, yes DREAM that all my kids and grandkids will have it better in this area when they all have their children. It is THAT important to me…

  2. I enjoyed reading this. There are so many great new products for breastfeeding moms now! I’m glad to know that attitudes are starting to change. Maybe slowly, but… 🙂
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  3. My wife breastfed our son for as long as she could. She would get up several times a night sometime. I think it’s important to do what’s best for the baby

  4. Yuk, that bathroom looks gross. People are still so primitive when it comes to just accepting natural body functions, it blows the mind. I honor breastfeeding moms. I wish I had been able to do it with my sweet babies- couldn’t for medical reasons.

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