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Inflatable Castles-The best thing that happened to Backyard Play sets

A common problem in the modern families today is how to get their children some physical exercise. In this day and age, more and more children are becoming “zombies” and become addicted to either their TV screens, tablets, mobile phones, or their computers. Now, these are not bad things by themselves but as a parent in these times you have to be very creative and present them with alternative activities to at least limit their screen times and enjoy the real world!

The “Bounce House” as it is commonly called often comes in the shape of a castle and is very useful especially in the developing mind of a little boy or girl. Now imagine this in your backyard available for them at their pleasure. There are pros and cons of course but with due diligence, the cons disappear rather quickly. Read on below why having inflatable castles for your kids are a winner.

Getting the kids OUT to Play!

This is NOT a problem before but in this modern age, IT IS! A big plus for having a play set with an inflatable castle helps bring kids together and thereby helping them with their social skills development

Now if that isn’t an advantage I don’t know what is!

It greatly improves kid’s Balance and Physical Skills

When the kids are playing in an inflatable castle, they jump! And when they do, they learn crucial balancing skills as the castles surface is constantly shifting and moving.

A bouncy is safe

A properly installed and supervised inflatable castle in your backyard play set is about the safest play area your kid can be in a playground. Accidents do happen but are mostly due to lack of supervision and installation mistakes.

Having mentioned the above advantages, here are a few things to remember if you are planning to get one as an addition to your backyard play set. There are several safety concerns that you need to be aware of when planning on having one, whether you are hiring one or having one set up in your backyard in a more prolonged duration.

Make sure that it is installed by professionals; these people know the correct placement, its safe use, and most importantly proper anchoring. Some larger inflatable castles for kids have been known to be blown away by a strong gust of wind because of improper anchorage. Take into account the children’s sizes and their number when allowing them to play in the equipment, and at least one adult should be present while they are playing in the castle. It is a good Idea to ensure that children who will be playing in the inflatable castle are of at least on the average- the same size, weight, and height. Also, the Adult accompanying these children should ensure that there should be no rough play, tumbling or wrestling going on inside the enclosure. That being said, the safest way to use a bouncy castle is one kid at a time and to limit the use to children at 6 years of age and older.

So there you have it! Just like any other equipment, inflatable castles for kids are safe only when used properly and when following the guidelines.







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