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Important Reasons to Lose Weight This Year

If you’re carrying a few extra pounds that you’re looking to shift, there couldn’t be a better time to focus the mind.

Whether it’s a couple of pounds, or a few stones, that you need to lose there is help and support available from a range of places to assist you in your journey.

Health Risks Of Being Overweight

Being overweight, even by a small amount, could increase the risk of many health problems and serious diseases. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancers are more likely to occur in those who are obese and overweight.

In addition to those above, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and asthma are also more likely to be present if you are carrying extra weight. For pregnant women, being obese can cause a higher risk pregnancy as well as impact on the health of their baby.

It is not just the physical problem that obesity can cause, but also the psychological ones, including depression and low self-esteem in addition to causing anxiety.

It is not just the impact on your health that being overweight can have; your loved ones could be losing out. Are you no longer able to play football with your child? Are you having issues with fertility? Are you too embarrassed to hit the beach on holiday? This could be having an adverse impact on those around you and losing weight could give you a new lease of life and improve your relationships with your family and friends.

Eating a large amount of high-calorie food and spending too much time being inactive are two of the most common causes of being overweight.

It could be easier than you think to lose the weight.

You can make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle which won’t seem as if you’re sacrificing too much: reach for a piece of fruit instead of having a biscuit during your morning break; try a healthy alternative to sugary cereals such as porridge, and drink more water.

By walking more each day, it will not only help you to shift the pounds but increase your strength too. Walking, and light exercise has also been proven to boost your mood.

Benefits Of Losing Weight

Losing weight could change your life, allowing you to live longer and healthier and to enjoy every day. The benefits of losing weight can start to be seen immediately.

When you begin to change your habits, whether that is eating healthier food, including more fruit and vegetables, and getting more active, you will notice you can breathe more easily, and your skin will look more radiant.

Not only this but you will feel as if you have more energy, you may notice pain in your joints or back beginning to disappear and your partner may stop the nagging as your snoring should improve also.

Seek Help

There is a wide range of support services available to help you on your weight loss journey, and you should speak to a healthcare provider before making changes to your lifestyle. You could attend a local weight loss group, join up to a local gym, or speak to those around you for motivation and advice. And if the purse strings are tight, there is plenty of activities you can do free of charge to help you start to shift the pounds.

Thankfully you can do something about obesity, and lower your risk of health conditions and diseases developing so why not take time to make a plan and start to make changes for a healthier and longer life, which will not only benefit you but also your family.


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