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When iFrogz asked me if I wanted to try out one of their custom ipod skins I was really excited. My poor ipod definitely needed a new skin! It took me a while to decide on the colors I wanted for my custom ipod skin. But I decided to go with the hot pants pink for the wrapz and a white banz. I did get a screenz but it didn’t really fit on my ipod and with it on I couldn’t see the buttons on the menu.

There are so many color combinations you can choose from. I almost got a blue wrapz so Hubby could use it too, but I love pink! But with the prices of the skins you might as well buy a few and change the colors up!

They are really easy to put on too. You start with the wrapz and then add the bandz. As you can see in my picture the white bandz wraps around the entire ipod. What I love is that these skins are much thicker than the ones I have seen, so they wont ripe or tear easily. Plus they will keep your ipod safe.

They have skins for all of the different ipods as well. From the original 1st generation to the newest 4th generation. They also have them for the ipod touch and your iphone!

It doesn’t stop there, iFrogz has more than just skins for your ipod, you can also get earphones, bags, all the accessories you need.

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