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Identifying Potential Hidden Health Issues With Your Child

When a child is growing up, it can be hard for them to articulate issues they might be experiencing. Even those young children who have learned how to talk well might find it difficult to signal to you problems they’re facing – because they might not know themselves. This is where it can be vital to observe them, and to see if there are any hidden signals that might lead to the need for medical attention.

It can be hard to spot these signals – but from time to time they are there. Does that mean you need to watch your child like a hawk? Well, sometimes of course. But it doesn’t mean you should overtly fret. The warning signs will not be so subtle as to be completely invisible, it’s just important to ensure you know  your child, their regular behavior, and if any deviation from that occurs outside of just growing and learning more.

The most common issues can be felt in our following advice. Sometimes, you’ll predict something is wrong, but as a parent, it can be hard to accept it. Let us see how you might develop for the future:

A Lack Of Sleep

To some extent, a lack of sleep can signify many things. They might have been too hot that night, or perhaps too cold, or simply had trouble getting into a comfortable position. We all have rough nights – and children are no different in that. However, a pronounced lack of sleep can be cause for concern. It could be that they’re suffering from symptoms of insomnia, are in a form of pain they cannot truly explain, or are having night terrors. A lack of sleep can be terrible for a child’s body, as they cannot get the restorative physical and mental effects of a good sleep. If your child is continually finding it hard to get a good amount of shut-eye – it’s worth seeing a sleep doctor as soon as possible, and not just ‘disciplining’ them.


Some children are quiet, some are not. But there’s a certain level of quietness that can override everything else. It can be that quietness is signifying an issue. Perhaps they might find it hard to talk due to growing teeth – or perhaps they might have trouble hearing you in order to give a response. You can learn more about hearing aids and how they might benefit your child if they are diagnosed with hearing issues. Sometimes, excess quietness could even be a sign of a developmental disorder, such as non-verbal autism. Again, it’s too early to jump to conclusions, and so it’s important to visit a Doctor if you notice a sudden change in your child.


Behavior can be a great indicator that something is wrong with your child. Of course, developmental stages can be associated with them pushing their boundaries, but sometimes it can signify a health issue that needs to be looked at. If your otherwise active child has suddenly become very docile for some time – it might be time to check that out, and vice versa. What matters is having a careful eye to distinguish these behaviors.

With these tips – identifying potential hidden health issues with your child should be a little more possible.

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