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iBitz – Adult and kids Wireless Activity Monitor @BestBuy #ibitzatBestBuy


Are you looking for fun Wireless Activity monitor for you and your kids? I wanted to share with you the iBitz Activity Monitors. There is both an adult monitor and a children’s monitor. The iBitz is great for families to keep track of their activities and to get fit together!

The new ibitz Kid and Adult Wireless Pedometers, are physical activity based devices and apps that wirelessly syncs to your iOS Bluetooth 4.0® (BLE) phone or tablet and allows adults and children their own unique experience with personalized apps. *Not available on andriod products.


The ibitz Unity for adults tracks steps, distance, weight (added manually), height, overall physical activity, even BMI, and allows them to incorporate their family and friends. Now you are able to form groups and post your progress on social media.

While you can not see your steps/date from the device all you have to do is log into your app. to see all your data for the day.


The Unity app also has the ability to sync all of the ibitz devices in your home, so you have the ability to view all of the activity of each family member minute by minute.


The ibitz for kids wireless pedometer syncs to a rewards platform app. Parents can set goals and rewards such as play time, screen time, or an adventure with a parent. Now you are able to earn coins and content on Disney’s Club Penguin™.

iBitz for Kids App Features

  • In this app experience, a child will have their character blast off and explore the galaxy in a spaceship powered by their steps. The more active the child is, the more they can explore and the more rewards they can earn.
  • Parents can set goals, and add rewards for their child to keep them active and exploring. They can customize things like screen time and custom adventures, like “A Trip to the Zoo with Mom”. The parent sets up a parent password to access this area.
  • The app also features custom Amazon prizes (parents funded), where parents and their kids first select a prize from Amazon, and then establish the activity necessary to earn that item.
  • Kids’ steps can earn them coins and exclusive content through Disney’s Club Penguin.
  • A free 14-day trial membership to Disney’s Club Penguin is available through the compatible website.

You can purchase both the Adult and Kid Monitors at Best Buy.

*A product was provided.

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