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I am home and exhausted!

I got home late last night from the Sears Design Summit and I am so very tired! My flight left from Chicago at 6:45 last night and got into San Fransisco at 10PM, and then landed in Ontario at midnight. An hour ride home and I crawled up my stairs around 2 am.

OHHH and get this the AIRPORT LOST MY LUGGAGE!!!!!

I was woken up at 9AM to my mother in law calling telling me to get to her house to help clean and get ready for the big party on Saturday. So I just got home at 9pm from being at her house all day, and then tomorrow I go back to clean the house and do more decorating.

I can’t wait for Saturday…. party day woot!!

Next Wednesday I leave to Palm Springs until Sunday and then the following Tuesday leave for Sara Lee and BlogHer! YAY!!!

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  1. you were here in town and you didn't call lol
    cleaning after a flight uugh I can understand why your tired

  2. It was so nice to meet you this past week! Oh no on your luggage! I did carry on only and then almost had to check it because the flight was full… i said.. "you are NOT checking my bag"! LOL!!!

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