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Humanity – Make a Difference

Humanity is a trendy apparel and accessories brand and recently announced the launch of their “Campaign” t-shirt collection, which will donate a portion of profits to selected charities dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all the people of the world.

Every three months, Humanity will reveal a new, limited edition “Campaign” t-shirt design, aimed at bringing messages of inspiration and hope to the forefront. For the first quarter 2009, the front of the “Campaign” t-shirt reads “Make a Difference… Yes We Can,” calling to mind President elect Barack Obama’s historical victory in the 2008 Presidential election.

Humanity has also announced their new children’s line. Humanity Kids is a collection of characters all over the globe that teach and encourage personal, social and environmental behavior. Each shirt is graphically drawn to depict a particular cause. A personal message is then written from the character to each child.

We chose Pinellia, and as you can see Sarah loves this shirt. I do too! I can’t wait for her to wear it out in public. I love the statement they give off and their campaigns. I love that each shirt has a statement on back.

The shirt for women that I love is the LOVE. Humanity was created for love. It is a felt need that all creation shares. Love is the intentional action of good on behalf of another. Love is expressed through a gentle touch, a gracious smile or an act of kindness. When we give love we receive love. Share some love today. Make a difference in Humanity.

Wear Humanity …Make A Difference.

Thanks EM! This review was fun!

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