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HP Ink Challenge Week 1 #Sponsor #HPInkChallenge


This past week we started the HP Ink Challenge. I received everything I would need for the next five weeks of assignment printing. The first week was setting up the printers and getting the re-fill ink.

We are also asked to print out five of the same weekly pages. These pages have different color/photos/text all to test out how the Ink from a regular HP cartridge stands up to an re-filled HP Ink cartridge.


I noticed the ink printed out the same from both printers


  1. How long did the refill process take from when you exhausted the ink cartridge to alignment of the new one? same day, my reflls hs no ink in them.
  2. Was it easier or harder than expected? It was tougher than I expected to find the refills.
  3. Were you able to refill your empty ink cartridges, or did they ask you to purchase? refilled
  4. Did the refiller seem competent?yes
  5. Were you out running other errands or only out to refill the ink? Only out to refill the ink.
  6. How far away was the refill service? 30 miles
  7. Did the refill cartridge work with the printer? (If not, what happened?) Yes, it did say counterfeit but then it worked fine.
  8. Were the refill cartridges messy? No
  9. From start to finish, which process was easier? The original because I did not have to try to find them.
  10. Was there a noticeable difference in print quality between each device? not on this first assignment.
  11. How much of a personal convenience/inconvenience was each ink installation process? easy

*A product was provided through HP.

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