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How To Use Competitors’ Email Campaigns to Make Your Own Email Campaign Better

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. Email marketing has proven itself a very strong weapon. Successful business people are giving special attention to this mode of marketing. Like any other marketing method, email marketing also has different aspects.   If you are thinking that you can reach your marketing targets just by paying attention towards your own email marketing strategies and ignoring the competitor’s email campaign, you are wrong. You cannot underestimate your competitors. This is not just a perception that your competitor is always thinking, it is right in most of cases and only those people can compete with their competitors who keep an eye on marketing strategies of their competitors and extract something unique from their campaigns. Such people do not feel hesitation in adopting the effective and unique perspectives of their competitor’s email campaigns. They realize this theory that without knowing the strategies of competitors’ email campaigns, they cannot make their own email marketing campaign better than that.

If you also realize the importance of competitors’ email campaigns and want to use kit for betterment of your own email campaign, you can adopt following mentioned steps;

  • Products/ Services of Your Competitor

The first think that you should analyze in the email campaign of your competitor is the name, type, range, price, features, promotions and delivery time of products and services which they are offering in the campaign and then you should compare all these parameters with your own products or services. If you are lacking in anyone of the parameter, then you should fulfill the gap first. Without removing all the gaps in parameters of your products or services, you are out of the race.

  • Better Offer Than Competitors

Well, after fulfilling all the gaps in the checklist of products/services, you should check each parameter separately to conclude that in which area you can give better offer than your competitor. In this way, you can use the competitor’s email campaigns for improvement of your own email campaign.

  • Target Audience

You should also focus on the circle of target audience in which your competitor’s email campaigns are floating. If competitor’s email campaigns are targeting some particular group of people who could be most potential buyers of your products, you should expand the circle of your target audience as well. Beside most potential buyers, you should pay focus on less potential buyers as well.

For more insights on how to learn from competitors’ emails, please see this article: https://content.myemma.com/blog/how-to-gain-insights-from-your-competitors-email-campaigns


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