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How to Treat Your Back Pain

Back pain seems to be a much more prevalent problem in the 21st century than it ever was before, and it seems that a sedentary lifestyle is causing most of the problems. But it isn’t just the office lackeys who are struggling – those of us who stay at home with the kids while juggling work can also succumb to back pain every now and then.


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Being a working mom isn’t an easy option! Fortunately, the back is quite amiable and you can build the muscles up and get treatment to deal with the pain.  

What is the Best Treatment for Back Pain?

Back pain is almost always muscular and seeing a physiotherapist will certainly help. They will massage the muscles to release any built up tension and give you some exercises to do at home too. A similar practice is osteopathic treatment which seems to work in a similar way to physiotherapy.


Though most back pain will go away by itself, you are well advised to apply some heat if your muscles feel seized up. A heat pack that you microwave is a good idea: all you need to do is lie down on a flat surface and let the heat do the job for you. A bath will likely have a similar effect and creams like Deep Heat should help too.

How Can You Avoid Back Pain?

To avoid back pain, you first need to figure out what it is you are doing to cause it. For many people who spend all day hunched over a laptop, back pain is quite easy to diagnose as the consequence of staying in one position for too long. For others, lifting heavy items incorrectly may be taking a toll.


If you are having to spend a lot of time working at a desk, try to take a few minutes every hour to walk up and down and stretch out again. Reaching high and doing the pilates ‘stacking your spine’ exercise are both good ways to release the tension in your back and elongate your spine. In fact, there are lots of Pilates exercises that are great for your back that you can do very easily.

Which Exercises Will Build Your Muscles?

Walking is the best thing you can do for your back as it is very gentle and will stretch your muscles gradually. Jogging and running are higher impact as your feet hit the ground with more force and while they might be fine when your back is happy, it’s best to lay off while you are struggling with pain.

To build the muscle between your shoulders, rowing is the best thing you can do. Squeeze your shoulder blades together tightly as you row. Though rowing is usually an aerobic exercise, concentrate on flexing your muscles rather than building speed. This should help you to build the muscle gradually without doing any damage.


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