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How to Throw a Birthday Party Your Child Will Never Forget

Everyonewho has watched “The Office” probably remembers the Party Planning Committeeand their efforts to throw memorable parties, which often turned intodisastrous events. In most cases the reason was less related to money than totheir ideas. While money can go a long way in creating a memorable event, it’sstill ideas that make everyone remember a party for a long time. So, if yourkid is eagerly looking forward to their next birthday party, take a look at thefollowing tips that should help you create a unique and memorable event.

Consider the number of guests

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you what number is goodwhen it comes to thenumber of guests. It depends on the venuewhere you’re organising the party and the age of your kid. If you want yourparty to be successful, you have to remember that if you have too many guests,many kids will find it overwhelming to handle so many new friends. As a result,they become irritable and can easily ruin the whole experience. For example, toddlersbest work and socialize in pairs, which is why it’s good to have an even numberof guests at your party.

Hidden prizes

Thereis a little trick that should help you make everyone happy and put them into aparty mood as soon as they walk through the door. Make a dough for cupcakes,but before you pour them into the forms, place a small present or prize at thebottom of the form. Welcome the guests with a tray full of cupcakes, but makesure they know there is a prize inside, because you don’t want them to swallowit. If you play your cards right, the guests will be amazed at both yourcreativity and baking skills.

Fun party bags

It’susually small things that party-goers remember. You don’t have to break thebank for an amazing party bag filled with chocolate,sweets, balloons or bubble-blowers. Alternatively, you can opt for a moreeducational content and include pocketbooks. This trick is often used byorganisers of successfulcorporate kids events, who need to entertain kids at a large-scale event.Remember that every kid likes getting presents, even when it’s not their birthday and make sureeveryone takes home something. That will make them remember the party for areally long time.

Temporary tattoos

Mostkids love tattoos, although their parents may be completely against them.Still, you can treat your young guests with a tattoo that will only last a dayor even less. Place a bowl of temporary tattoos next to the tray of cupcakes atthe entrance and allow each kid to pick one or two. It’s great to have a mirrorsomewhere near, so that they can immediately check out their tattooed arm orshoulder. Since you’ll probably have both boys and girls at the party, makesure they have a wide enough selection off tattoos available: from skulls andknights to hearts, kitties and unicorns.

Have something adult-friendly

Ifyou really want your party to be great for everyone, you have to think aboutentertaining the adults, too. Remember that some parents simply dread kids’birthday parties because they have to work hard around their schedules andspend at least a couple of hours at the party. A mimosa bar is a good start ifyou want to make adults happy. Or, if there is an important game on TV, makesure they have a room where they can watch it, far from the kids.


Thisis an activity equally enjoyed by kids and adults. It’s really fun to have kidsand their parents singing along to the most popular tunes, but make sure theyare simple enough. You can even organise a contest and determine the winner bythe number of votes. Another idea is to have kids perform with their parents.That would help them bond even more and surely lead to unforgettable memories.

Greatparties don’t need to be too elaborate. On the contrary, it’s often a smalltrick or surprise that will turn a boring party into an unforgettable bash.However, to make it happen, you need to know what your guests like and includeit in the party. Since most kids love parties and can have great time just bybeing with their friends, you really don’t need much more than a simple, yetunique idea or feature to make a memorable event.


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