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How to Teach Your Teen to Be Safe on the Road

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for all teenagers, but there is a reason why insurance policies for teens are greater than they are for adults. They can be reckless, impulsive, and can make mistakes. It is up to you as a parent to help drive the responsibility and the consequences of reckless driving home, so that they can take their safety more seriously and be better drivers throughout their entire lives.

Lead by Example

This has to start assoon as possible. Don’t drive recklessly. Don’t drive drunk. Always use yourblinkers and check your blind spots and all the rest. If you don’t yourchildren won’t either. You must lead by example, because your children will be watching youdrive for years before they ever get behind the wheel themselves.

Put Them Through Driving School

There are three mainbenefits of putting your teen through a formal driving school. One, it shortensthe amount of time between licenses. Two, it reduces their insurance policy.Three, it helps them learn the rules of the road inside and out. This will helpthem drive better and pass the written and driving portions of the licensingtest.

Make Them Responsible for the Vehicle

There are a few waysyou can make them responsible. You can help them finance a second-hand car oftheir own, or you can make them pay for their insurance policy.

Don’t Make Them Scared to Call You

Drinking and drivingis a huge no-no, but at the same time so too is underage drinking. Rather thancultivating a culture in your home that prohibits even the thought of drinkingunderage, accept that it could happen. You need to accept this because if yourchild does get drunk at a friend’s house, the last thing you want is for themto try to drive home on their own under the influence for fear of you findingout about their night out. Instead, you should be the first person they call topick them up, so that they can always get home safely and not put themselves,or anyone else, in danger.

Ensure They Know What to Do In Caseof An Accident

You learn it indriving school, but what you learn doesn’t always stick. That’s why you shouldwrite down a list and keep it in your car, so your teen knows the informationto ask for. That way, when you go and call attorneys such as 1-800 VINCENT later, you will already have a good basis ofinformation that is necessary to make your case clear-cut. This will help youget compensation if the other driver was at fault.

Teaching your teenagerto be responsible on the road means making them responsible. This could meanhelping them buy and pay off their own car, so they won’t want to damage it, orit could mean setting out clear rules and punishments in advance. Give themfreedom to get out there and enjoy themselves, but help them make the rightdecisions when driving every time.  

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