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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Remodelling Your Kitchen

You will agree that a kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking, but the heart of your home. This is where the whole family bonds, children do homework, and friends congregate. Having the ideal form and function to put up with the busy living can be an uphill task. Nonetheless, remodelling your kitchen calls for more than just adding new cabinets, an island or counter tops. You are bound to encounter some problems in the course of remodelling. Today, we explore some of the common problems and how you can solve them.

Poor Work Flow

Your home may have been built with a poorly-planned kitchen. The island may be over-sized, awkwardly cutting off the sink from the ovens and refrigerator. With this, you make many unnecessary steps when cooking. You can solve this by having a designer plan for two appropriately- size islands featuring a work isle in between.

Sometimes your kitchen may have the refrigerator and pantry at either end of the room, doubling up the steps involved when unloading the groceries. Proper food storage and putting the two together will be the best remedy.

Tight Walkways

Image Courtesy of kitchencove.netImage Courtesy of kitchencove.net

Space may be limited in your kitchen to have an island but you always have the option of having a potable island. It’s normally recommended that you have a 42″ minimum walkway and 48″ minimum walkway for one and two cooks, respectively.

Poor Venting
Your kitchen systems may be under-powered or poorly ducted, resulting in persistent food odours and grease dispersal. You should factor in a functional ventilation system for the kitchen too.

Inadequate Storage Space

Image Courtesy of www.freeimages.comImage Courtesy of www.freeimages.com

Even in a tiny kitchen, you can still find a storage solution. You can consider modifying the eating space to curve out some space for cabinetry. If your home features a kitchenette and a dining room side by side, you can eliminate the wall between to create one large eat-in kitchen. You will then have a semi-formal table in the eating area and a snack counter in the working area of the kitchen.

Poor Lighting
To enhance the lighting in your kitchen, you should consider three kinds of lighting – Task Lighting, General lighting and Creative lighting. While task lighting is installed on the counters and appliances, general lighting belongs to the walkways and the general area. Creative lighting, on the other hand, serves to set the mood, show off the products, as well as highlighting the art.

Kitchen Hardware
While tile and stone floors look more attractive than vinyl, they can take a toll on your feet and back when you stand on them for stretched periods of time. You can use a cushioned mat underfoot if you have to stand for long.

Style Doesn’t Flow with Your Home
The style that doesn’t flow is a common problem with remodelled kitchens. You may want Tuscan kitchen that does not visually blend with your home’s contemporary Florida architecture. Or else, you have replaced your old-fashioned kitchen’s leaky faucet with a new oversize commercial-style faucet. In all these instances, your kitchen’s functionality will not be undermined. However, they will both strike discordant notes

The costliest room in your home with regards to remodeling is the kitchen. You, therefore, need to plan carefully to avoid disappointments. If you look to have a polished and professional looking remodeled kitchen, you will need the services of a designer, an architect, as well as a general contractor like Joel & Co. Construction. While kitchen remodeling may be expensive, you need always to consider quality and durability over cost.


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