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How to Set Up an Office at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

So you’re working from home, and have no idea how to begin. This helpful guide on how to set up an office at home will show you the way!

The option to work from home is, for most people, the most glorious opportunity ever. You can work on your own terms, get up for a snack, take a nap, then get back to the grind whenever it suits you.

While those things are absolutely pros of working from home, they could wind up turning into cons if you’re not careful. There’s a reason that some bosses have strict work regulations in the office; they make you work harder.

So, when you work from home, you have to set yourself up for success. Your first step in that direction should be figuring out how to set up an office in your house.

When you have the right space to work, you’ll be far more likely to be productive.

How to Set up an Office in Your Home

Naturally, the nature of your home office will change depending on the kind of work you do. That said, there are a few principles that you can follow no matter what you do.

Workspace Only

“Maybe I’ll work from the kitchen table!” “Maybe I’ll work in my bed in my pajamas!”

The ideas above seem great, but they’re definite traps. Carve out a place for yourself that will provide few distractions. Additionally, make that space a zone that is only used for work if you can.

Not everyone has additional space to have a separate home office. That doesn’t mean that you can’t establish one table or corner of a room for work. If you do this, you’ll associate that place with work and work only.  You can also  improve your home office by installing premium windows and doors.

Then, when you sit down, you’ll have the attitude that you’re at work and you have to get your day’s work done.

Invest in Comfort and Quality

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your home office.

There’s something about working with good materials, sitting in a comfortable position, and being in a peaceful space that makes working a lot easier. Invest in these things and you’ll find that you’re a lot happier while you’re working from home.

You’ll be less tempted to ditch the office chair and use the couch. You’ll get less frustrated and you’ll be less likely to stop working and take a break.

These things seem kind of trivial, but they’ll certainly improve the quality and quantity of your work in the long run. Go out and find the best place to buy office furniture and make some smart, comfy investments.

If you’re still leaning toward using the couch as your desk, think about how your back will feel after about two weeks.

Establish Healthy Habits 

Working from home can be a great thing for your health, happiness, and productivity. At the same time, it requires some effort to create home-work habits that are healthy and sustainable.

It’s easy to think that working from home will be a breeze, but we’re all prone to laziness and can resort back to the couch. Set some boundaries for yourself, invest in a great workspace, and see what can happen.

Doing this can be a little easier said than done, though. You might find that the first week you work from home is the most productive of your life. The second and third weeks might start to wane a little bit.

Two months down the line, and you’re trying to squeeze work in between binging shows on Netflix. Working excessively just because you can isn’t always sustainable.

If you’re a really productive person, you don’t have to let work dominate your life. It might seem strange, but having the opportunity to work all of the time might push you to do just that.

It’s important to have established work hours even though you might not have to. You can still have a flexible schedule, just make sure that it is a schedule. That way, you can adjust your work for events in your life.

After all, what’s the point of working from home if you can’t enjoy your freedom? It’s definitely something that requires some thought, though. Do your best to draw clear lines between work and your personal time.

Don’t Get Too Hard on Yourself

On the other end of things, you might be a person who has trouble holding themselves accountable. Don’t be too tough on yourself, many of us are that way.

It’s important to have expectations for yourself, but you won’t progress in a healthy way if you turn militant when you slip up. What can you expect? You’re working from home and you have a lot of freedom.

Anyone with a newfound opportunity like this is bound to slack a little. Do your best to notice when you start to slip and make healthy accommodations to improve your time management.

You could be slacking because of personal issues, and the solution might be to deal with those first. It could also be that you didn’t eat breakfast before work and got tired in the middle of the day.

Whatever the issue is, there has to be a reason for it. Addressing those lifestyle issues and personal struggles is really important when you work from home.

Working from an office requires that you stay at your post and keep working until the shift is done. You can’t really take an hour lunch whenever you get hungry or make a personal phone call when you’re bored.

The home office provides those escapes, and it’s your job to find ways to manage yourself so that you can balance your work and personal life. That might mean changing your diet, exercising, or turning your phone off while you’re working.

Need More Tips for Life at Home?

Whether you need to know how to set up an office or how to manage a healthy household, homelife can be tough at times. We’re here to help you explore solutions.

Roam our site for more insight into ways to improve your home.


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