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How to Remove Pet Hair From Shag Carpet

Owning a furry pet and a shag carpet is a combination that guarantees a headache when it comes to cleaning. Pet hairs are easily trapped within the fibers of a shag carpet, yet it is impossible to prevent your pets from shedding their hairs. This means that you need to focus on vacuuming your carpets frequently and be creative about reducing the amount of pet fur that gets into contact with your carpet. While you may clean your home with a broom, getting cleaning equipment that has been designed for cleaning homes with pets will save you a great deal when it comes to time and effort. These are some of the best ways to remove pet hairs from your shag carpet, and they have been proven to work.

– Using a Lint Roller
            The same way a lint roller gets rid of lint from suits and outfits is the same way it can remove pet hairs from carpets. You will need to purchase along lint roller and roll it over your carpet so that the pet hairs can stick on it. Alternatively, you can attach it to a long handle and use it like you would when painting a high ceiling using a roller paint brush. If you cannot access a lint roller easily, then you can pick up a roller paint brush and wrap an adhesive such as cello tape, duct tape or masking tape on the roller with the sticky part exposed. You will then roll this over your carpet, getting any pet hairs to stick onto the adhesive. Once the stick part gets filled up with dirt, you can peel it off to expose a fresh sticky layer. This method only gets rid of pet hairs that are on the surface of your carpet; thus it’s best to use it as the first step to cleaning carpets ridden with pet hairs.

– Rubber Gloves
            Going with the science of static electricity, we can use rubber to remove hairs from shag carpets. It is advisable to get rubber gloves with a textured surface, preferably one with small rubber nubs. To remove pet hairs on the surface of the carpet, wear the rubber gloves and sweep your hands across the surface of the carpet along the direction of its fibers. However, if you want to get rid of hairs more rooted within the fibers, then you must run your fingers through the carpet fibers so that the hairs can stick onto the gloves. Homeowners that have used this method before swearing to the tip that is lightly spraying a solution of 3 parts water and one part fabric softener onto the carpet before sweeping with your gloved hands does help a great deal when it comes to cleaning pet hair. The pet hairs will collect themselves into small balls that you can pick up and dispose of. The fabric softener also makes your carpets to smell fresher. In case you encounter stains, you can use a sponge with detergent to get rid of them.

– Rubber Brooms

            Rubber brooms also use static electricity to capture hairs within its rubber bristles. You can purchase these brooms from various stores. To remove pet hairs from your shag carpet, you will sweep the rug along its fibers just like you would with a regular broom. The advantage of using a rubber broom is that it goes deep inside the carpet fibers, capturing all the hairs from the carpet. You can get a rubber broom with or without a handle, but the latter is easier to use.

– Using a Carpet Rake or Hair Brush
            Most of us only know of a rake being used in cleaning the lawn or farm. Yes, carpet rakes also exist. Their teeth can either be made of durable but smooth plastic or metal, and these go deeper into your carpet fibers getting rid of any pet hairs. To clean your carpet using a carpet rake, you will need to sweep it along the carpet’s fibers to prevent them from tangling with pet hairs, while keeping the fibers well arranged. You can purchase a carpet rake from most stores, but you can use a hairbrush as an alternative. The difference between these two is that a carpet rake has a long handle that makes it easier to clean large spaces without straining as compared to a hairbrush that forces you to bend or squat to clean your carpets.

– Invest in a Pet Vacuum Cleaner
            Having a vacuum cleaner is excellent but having one explicitly designed for a pet gives you a higher level of cleanliness, especially if it has carpet cleaning capabilities. You have to ensure that the pet vacuum has powerful suction and a reliable filtration system. It should have a brushroll that has been designed never to tangle when vacuuming even long pet hairs from carpets. If your floors have a lot of pet hairs, then it helps to use the methods discussed above, and then go over with your vacuum cleaner. You can then vacuum your shag carpet back and forth until you are satisfied that all the pet hairs have been removed. There are different types of pet vacuums available in the market, and whether you want a full-sized, stick, handheld or robotic vacuum, you will have a wide array to choose from. The most significant advantage of using a pet vacuum cleaner is that your carpet will not be destroyed and the fibers will stay in perfect shape. A pet vacuum with carpet cleaning capabilities is undoubtedly the most effective, fastest and easiest method to remove pet hairs from your shag carpet.

How to Prevent Buildup of Pet Hairs on Your Shag Carpet
            To keep your shag carpet clean without having to send your furry friend away, you have to follow these measures. Brush the pet hair frequently to get rid of loose hairs that will otherwise end up shedding off onto the carpet. You need to designate specific sleeping and living areas for your pets and limit their access to other parts of the home, especially areas with high-pile carpeting, as these would be the toughest to remove pet hairs from. You must also vacuum and clean the carpets frequently to avoid accumulation of these pet hairs especially in hard to reach areas like under furniture and in corners and edges. Practicing these tips will ensure not only a cleaner home but also a peaceful existence between the homeowner and their pet.


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