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How To Prepare Your Kids For Their First Dance lesson

Putting your child in dance training is a good way for them to shape their social skills while getting exercise that keeps them healthy. There are many benefits to dance from your perspective. But, your child may be a bit nervous and that is perfectly normal. In this article, we will share some ideas with you that will help you prepare your child for this exciting and fun adventure into the land of art. Follow these tips to help you and your child have a positive experience that you will never forget.

  • The dance uniform

Before your child is expected for their class, ask the instructor what they should wear. Most dance classes have a dress code. You do not want your child to feel out of place by not being dressed by the other children. This includes colors of leotards and tights. If the other children are wearing black, your child should not wear pink. This is a way to make the children feel as if they are part of a team. This is a good life lesson on working together and equal treatment.

  • Let them shop with you

You can buy everything your child needs online. (Click to learn more.) Let your child help you in the selections. He or she may have no choice in the uniform, but they can select their dance bag, water bottle, hand towel, and other things that they will need. Letting them shop with you for these pieces will help them understand that these items are for dance only.

  • Do not give them lessons at home

You mean well and you want your mini-me to excel. But, each teacher has their own way of teaching. Trying to teach your child at home doesn’t help them, it confuses them when the instructor is telling them something different.

  • Watch YouTube videos

Sit down with your little one and look up some videos of other people sharing their experience.

Children are visual learners. When they see what is expected, they are less likely to be timid.

  • Buddy Up

If you have a friend with a child the same age, talk to them about signing their child up for the same class. It helps if they have a friend to go with. If not, then take them by the studio a few times before classes start. Let them get the feel of the room. Let them become familiar with the instructor. Reassure them that you will be nearby as long as they need you.

  • Ax the sugar

Most parents restrict or limit the amount of sugar they give their child. This is very important for your little ballerina. If they carbo or sugar load before the class, they will likely crash during the class. In a child’s mind, this might translate into, “dance class makes me feel bad.” Feed them a good meal that is high in protein before class. If their class is between meals, they may need a protein bar as an energy snack.

Keep in mind:

The first day of dance class is pretty hectic. Do not let that get to you because your child will follow your lead. Be sure you have everything you are supposed to bring, make sure your child is dressed for class, and arrive a few minutes early.

If the unexpected delay happens, keep your cool. It is not the end of the world and it will be kay. Do not add to your child’s anxiety.

Talk about everything. Tell your child what happens, what they are working towards, and explain anything they are not clear on.

Our Number One Tip

The number one tip that all parents should take is to have fun! Let your kids have fun! They are kids. They may have trouble with some moves, that is okay. They may learn to love the art of dance and they will have many years to perfect their moves. If dancing is not fun when you are little, you will give it up.

Now you know where to begin. Enjoy your adventure into the world of children’s dance. Go and build some wonderful memories.


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