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How to Plan a Family Getaway

Family getaways are perfect for every family, and they can be done by every family, too. Whether your getaway is simply a picnic in the park or a getaway adventure, spending time exploring new places and spending time with your loved ones will never be wasted. When you want to go somewhere further than your local park, however, planning is imperative. You don’t want to go in without the right equipment, clothes, or itinerary. Plan using these tips, and you can instead enjoy your vacation time with your family to its fullest:


How to Choose the Best Destination for Everyone

Though there are a few limitations on where you can go on a vacation together as a family, that doesn’t mean that all types of vacations are right for your family. For example, going on a hiking trip is ill-advised for families with young children, but you can still certainly enjoy going to any of the beautiful National Parks that we have available and enjoying a camping trip.


Tips on How to Improve Your Packing

When it comes to traveling with your family, what you pack is paramount. You need to bring everything you need clothes wise to combat any unexpected temperature or weather change, and you also need to pack accordingly to keep your children and yourselves happy and healthy. This means ensuring that you have everything you need in a daypack ready to go. You should have sunscreen, hats, reusable water bottles, snacks, and emergency equipment like rain ponchos wherever you go. While if it were just you and your partner, you can often grin and bear it, however, children are more upfront with their feelings and their needs and a daypack can be your saving grace for any trip.


What to Rent for the Best Family Holiday

When it comes to where you will be staying, skip the hotel. If you book one room you will have to deal with uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, and if you book two you could be facing huge accommodation costs. Instead, rent a vacation home. They will be more comfortable, you can accommodate your whole family, and you will often have a kitchen or kitchen area to prepare lunches and breakfasts in – a win if you have picky eats. Wilbur Labs has designed VacationRenter to source all the vacation rental properties into one place, so no matter your destination you will be able to find your dream home away from home.


Building an Itinerary with the Whole Family in Mind

When you try to design your trip entirely with your kids in mind, there is so much all of you will miss out on. Go to the museums and tours – your kids will still have a fun time, and, if you’re lucky, they might learn something new. Just remember to space out your activities. One thing you can’t fight is how easily kids can get tired, so include plenty rest breaks between activities, and aim to go to things the whole family will love.


Wherever you go, remember to start planning as soon as possible. The more you know, the more money you can save and the better trip you can have together as a family.



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