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How to overcome driving anxiety

With hundreds of millions ofregistered drivers around the world, we can say that driving is one prettymundane thing. But, why then are so many people terrified of sitting behind thewheel and joining their ranks? Well, let us start by saying that drivinganxiety is perfectly justified. Once we join the traffic, our safety is just asdependent on our skill as it is on thousands of different factors completelybeyond our control.

However, it is the way we areapproaching this harsh reality that ultimately affects our wellbeing. Awarenessof the various dangers can make you a better driver. It can also make you nervousand paralyze your reactions. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways we canchange your attitude toward traffic and make you more relaxed once you sitbehind the wheel.

Don’t travel alone

Spending too much time chattingwhile you’re driving is by no means advisable. Still, if you are aninexperienced driver still struggling with anxiety having someone to ease theatmosphere and divert your thoughts from apocalyptic scenarios going throughyour head doesn’t have to be all that bad. Especially if the passenger is a seasonedtraveler who knows what are you going through and can share an advice or two.Ideally, your guardian angel should take the front passenger seat.

Drive only during the day

Overcoming anxiety is all aboutexpanding your comfort zone by gradually making steps out of it. Going too farin advance can be a useful shock therapy, but more often than not it onlyreinforces your fears. So, until you develop better confidence behind the wheeldo your best to avoid the night drives that only put unnecessary pressure uponyou. Remember that because of the rapidly changing light and darkness, dusk anddawn can also be considered as the situationsof reduced visibility.

Take additional driving classes

There is no shame in admittingthat the knowledge you’ve acquired while getting the license is notparticularly honed. You are not the only one – most of the active drivers havedeveloped their current skills through post-license practice. Still, if you areafraid to take these exercises alone, you can always look for professionalhelp. If we take a look at Australia as an example, we can see a lot of companies like Ezlicencewhich offer driving lessons to drivers with similar problems as yours.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

The goal here is to get yourselfas relaxed as possible. So, for a start, make sure your seat is properly set upand your climate and the AC unit up and running. You will hardly be able toconcentrate on the road ahead if you are constantly sweating or struggling tofind a comfortable position. Also, although pumping up the music to the pointwhere it becomes distracting is highly discouraged, playing some soft relaxingtune in the background can do a lot to set you into the right driving mood.

Keep your vehicle in good shape

Knowing that the vehicle you aredriving is devoid of hidden failures and perfectly safe to drive can go a longway in improving your road confidence. So, take a look at some the common carinspection and maintenance duties, split them into groups according to theirfrequency and give your four-wheeler some much-needed love. Let the fact thatyour brakes are working perfectly fine and your engine is well oiled serve as apositive notion you can use to defuse negative thoughts.

Defuse negative thoughts

The worst thing about negativethoughts is they are absolutely necessary. After all, it is the awareness ofall the dangers around you that keeps you alive. So, the negative thoughtscan’t be and shouldn’t be surpassed. However, you should try to take thesenotions only as a useful feedback and don’t let them hijack your feelings.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by theseideas, try to reduce their impact by adding the “I’m having the thoughts of…”in front of them, saying them in a funny voice, singing them to some wackytune, or any other method that will show you that your thoughts are nothingmore than simple words.

We hope these six tips willeliminate your driving anxiety and help you to finally take your place behindthe wheel with much-needed confidence. The most important thing is not to lookat your concerns regarding traffic safety as the problem, but more as somethingthat can be reshaped into a valuable asset that keeps you safe and vigilant.


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