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How to Move Your Business to the USA

Moving your business operations to the United States comes with several benefits. The new tax regulations on both federal and state levels are more appealing to businesses and startups. There are also a lot of incentives, particularly in states such as Florida and Delaware.

The actual process of moving your business to the USA is also a lot easier than you think. There are a number of steps to complete in order to move your business operations to the US and we are going to review those steps in this article.

Visa and Immigration Rules

The most rewarding immigration rule for business owners is known as the EB5 immigration. The rule states that those with at least $500,000 to $1,000,000 for business purposes can acquire an EB5 Green Card through a relatively easy process. You can also rely on a law firm in the US – one specializing in EB5 petitions – to ensure all documents are filed correctly, such as Hirson Immigration attorneys.

You can also apply for an E-2 Visa if you have $50,000 to $250,000 for business purposes. The immigration law requires you to have a clear business plan that will bring benefits to US citizens and the USA as a country.

If you want to become a permanent US citizen once the business is operational, the process is even simpler. There are certain requirements to meet, but they are very manageable and you’ll be able to get your US citizenship in no time. It is also worth noting that you can own a US-based company as a foreigner without a problem, although you still have to file for the correct visa to enter the country as an investor.

Get to Know the Environment

Starting a business in the US is very similar to starting a business in other countries. You still have to determine the right location for your business, do research on market conditions and local challenges, and do proper budgeting before actually starting the business. The internet is once again your friend when it comes to getting these resources.

Some areas are filled with businesses in the same industry. San Francisco is home to many tech companies. The Research Triangle in North Carolina is where research and pharmaceutical companies are mostly based. New York – the Manhattan area in particular – is the perfect home for finance-based businesses.

Common Challenges and Overcoming Them

Getting the business relocated to the United States is just the first step. Once the business is operational, you still have to deal with the day-to-day operational challenges, challenges in marketing and sales, and of course the task of building a strong team to support the growth of the business.

Being based in the US gives you plenty of leverage. There are more skilled workers on the market than ever before. The economy is also growing at a steady pace and presents plenty of opportunities for new businesses to grab.

All of these facts make relocating your business to the United States a good decision in today’s economy. Now that you know what it takes to achieve a successful relocation, it is time to make the decision to move to the US and take that first step.


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