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How To Manage Small Children At A Wedding

Never Underestimate The Power Of Candy

Weddings happen for people at different times during normal human development. Say you’re 32 and are marrying someone who is around the same age. Say both of you are older siblings. It’s possible that brothers and sisters of the bride and groom could already have their own family, and that may mean children under the age of five.

Did you ever have to sit through a wedding when you were five years old? It’s downright difficult, isn’t it? It’s long, it’s boring, everyone is solemn, and you’re decked out in some uncomfortable getup that mom and dad go ballistic over should there be a threat of it getting soiled—because it’s rented, or something like that.

But there is one hope. Your five-year-old brain keeps going over the memory of candy you saw at the dessert table in the reception area as you were walking to the chapel. You can force yourself to be good, because you know you’re about to get a candy.

A lot of people planning for weddings totally forget about the young ones, but some simple things can help them have a good time as well. When the kids are having fun, it makes things festive for other guests in the same way a scent of flora in the air contributes to a tropical, fertile “vibe”. Visit this website to help yourself with the decision about candies: www.sweetservices.com.

Ensuring The Vibes Are Right

Also, you want to have theme and style put together such that it reflects the kind of vibe you’re going for. If you want something romantic, and you’ve got your niece or nephew involved in the ceremony itself, you need stylistic clothing options which match your wedding’s theme at all levels; from the bridesmaids to the flower girl and ring bearer.

Check out these designs for when your wedding has a romantic vibe. They can

help you get some ideas pertaining to what you think is most appropriate, and what’s out there. Even if you’ve had your wedding planned out since you were little, there’s always room for something new. Also, online options may be more diverse than your imagination!

Notable Crowd-Funded Options

Speaking of the web, consider what crowdsourced economy can do for your wedding. If you’re going to have young ones at the ceremony, you’ll want to spend a little more money ensuring they’re properly taken care of. You may even want to order entertainment services for them specifically—think: inflatable bouncing castle.

That money doesn’t come from nowhere; you’re going to want to find ways of conserving your resources. A great way to do that is to use online honeymoon registries. Through such crowd-funded options you can get gifts that are specific or of a financial variety. These can help you have a more robust honeymoon, and can even help you defer some of the cost of the wedding itself.

Conserving Costs And Maximizing Resources

Even a carefully-considered wedding where costs are clipped wherever possible is going to have some high expenses. Many weddings in America average somewhere at or higher than $20k. That’s most of a year’s salary for many newlyweds! You don’t want to start off your marriage in debt from the ceremony, if you can avoid it.

At the same time, you don’t want your ceremony spoiled by a bunch of restless bored kids collaborating together and running amok. So think about the little ones. Acquire some entertainment solutions for them. At the very least give them something to look forward to in terms of candy after the ceremony.

You can ensure wardrobes match from your youngest wedding attendees to those who are more mature. Additionally, you can defer the costs of your ceremony (including associated entertainment) through crowdfunding solutions. Use the web to your advantage! You may be surprised at how it can make your wedding better.


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