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How to Look After Yourself During Pregnancy

As soon as you announce your pregnancy, it can feel asthough everyone (including you) focuses on your baby. It’s important to not forgetabout the most important person during this pregnancy – you.

Stress, an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and a wholehost of other factors can have a harmful effect on you, your pregnancy, andyour baby.

That’s why we’ve put together some top tips for a healthypregnancy, featuring advice from leading experts at places like Healthline and www.donoreggbankusa.com.

Eat Quality – Not Quantity

Tempted to stock up on all those sinful foods you’vedeprived yourself of because you’re “eating for two?”

While there’s nothing wrong with an indulgent treat (ortwo), it’s vital you eat the right foods to keep you and your baby well. It hasnever been more important for you to get all the right nutrients, vitamins, andminerals your body needs to keep you healthy and help your baby grow.

Excessive weight gain and the wrong types of foods can leadto complications and may even induce gestational diabetes. Plus, you’ll find itmuch harder to shed your baby weight afterwards.

What are the best foods to eat?

Fruits and vegetables, protein (eggs, nuts, fish, beans, orlean meat), starchy carbohydrates, dairy, and fish. You should also drinkplenty of water, skimmed/semi-skimmed milk, and fresh fruit juice.

Another chief consideration when it comes to food ishygiene. You may already follow good habits like washing your hands beforeeating, but increasing your hygiene awareness is essential when you’repregnant. This includes avoiding certain foods that could put your pregnancy atrisk, e.g. undercooked ready-to-eat meals, blue-veined cheese and cheeses thatare ripened with mold, paté, and unpasteurized milk. All of these carry the risk oflisteria, which – although rare – can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, or maymean your baby is ill when they’re born.

Exercise Gently and Frequently

The amount of exercise that’s safe for you during yourpregnancy depends on how fit you were before getting pregnant. It’s somethingyou should talk to your doctor or healthcare advisor about.

Too much vigorous exercise is warned against, but severalhours a week may be safe if you’re in peak fitness already. Equally, gentleexercise on a regular basis is a must. Not only will this help you keep yourweight in check, but it’ll also help keep your blood pressure down, reduceaches and pains, and help ensure your labor is as straightforward as possible.Getting back in shape postpartum should be easier, as well.

Refresh Yourself with Plenty of Sleep

Fatigue is a common side effect when you’re pregnant, andcaused by several different factors. Initially, all of the hormones your bodyproduces causes tiredness. This is often followed by disturbed sleep becauseyou need to use the bathroom during the night or have a fitful sleep due todiscomfort.

If you do find your sleeppatterns are being thrown out of sync, try to nap as much as you can duringthe day. Or, if you can’t do that, try to set yourself an earlier bedtime soyou can try and catch up.

Not possible?

Even having 30 minutes of time for yourself can help youfeel refreshed. Why not look for yoga classes for pregnant women? These willhelp teach you relaxation and meditation techniques that you may find usefulwhen you’re battling fatigue.

Getting into Good Habits While Enjoying Your Pregnancy

By putting these good habits into place from the start and implementinga healthy diet and fitness regime, you can enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancyfrom day one. This, in turn, usually means a happy and healthy baby, too!

Plus, when your little one arrives and you need all theenergy you can get, these helpful tips will ensure you feel ready and raring togo for the day ahead.


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