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How To Live For Less: Money Saving Tips For The New Decade

The price of living seems to be rising with each day that passes, yet your wages willingness to follow suit and match this growth is nowhere to be seen. Trying to survive in today’s society when you also have a family to consider can be a really stressful adventure, as it’s hard to even let one day pass without spending money in some form. Luckily, you don’t actually have to play into the system as much as you currently are to get the most out of your money, as there are some tried and tested top tips and tricks that can help to lead the way and show you how it’s done. So, if you’d like to reach a more comfortable financial position without the need to find new employment, then read on to uncover the most innovative steps that you can follow today to start seeing results in no time at all. 

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Cutting Your Food Waste

After paying rent, the food bill is often the largest payment that you make each month on average overall. The sheer volume of food that families buy just to throw away into the bin is diabolical, but it is possible to change your ways. Next time you head out to the shops, be sure to keep hold of your receipt to try and assess where are why you are spending the way that you do. It’s common for people to get drawn in to big brand because of their reputation and influence, however they are usually the most expensive option and there’s likely a much cheaper alternative that may even be more suitable for your tastes. Avoiding poplar multinational companies altogether will be of real benefit to your bank balance, as this also includes some popular restaurants and fast food joints – although it may seem a cheaper option to grab a burger, once you have added enough sides to make a meal you will have spent enough to create it from scratch by yourself, probably enough to serve more than 2 individuals. If you cook from home and still struggle to keep your food bill at a reasonable rate, one of the very best ideas you can implement into your life is to switch over to dried products instead. These foods can include beans, legumes, pasta and so much more, and there are so many benefits to making such a choice. First of all, dried foods are often sold in bulk for a very reasonable price, and because they have been dehydrated they are naturally preserved to obtain a super long shelf life. All you have to do is take out a portion or however much it is you need at that time, without creating even a single piece of waste at all. Dried foods can be less than half the price of fresh, yet they will still provide your children will all of the vitamins and minerals that a hydrated alternative would. 

Finding Thrifted Fashion 

Children grow at such an alarming rate, and this can make it seem almost impossible to keep up with their demands for larger clothing. They tend to outgrow an outfit within a matter of months, and this can have a devastating effect on your bank balance! Instead of heading out to your local high street or shopping centre to buy your kids some new clothes, it’s a wonderful concept to reroute and drive to the thrift store or charity shop to find some super cheap high quality items and potentially benefit a great cause at the same time. You may need to commit a little more time to diffing around in the mounds of clothes to find some pieces that will be ok for your family, but often there are some beautiful and well made vintage items along with several new outfits that still contain their tags! So many different types of people gift their clothes to these establishments, so you may even find a few designer pieces for just a few pennies. Of course your little ones won’t stay little for long and you will soon be back looking for more, but this time you will have a considerably bigger budget to play with! If you visit a charity store to purchase some clothing, then the money that you pay is going to support a really positive cause instead of investing in some form of child labour and environmental degradation through big brand fast fashion. 

Make The Most Of Holiday Deals 

If you want to take your children to a different country on holiday this year, one of the few ways that you can save money is to make the most of a vacation deal or offer. When the cold and frost gets into full swing in January, almost every advertisement on the television shows us a much warmer climate, and this leaves no other thoughts in your head besides somehow getting to a beach within the next few months. Luckily, January is usually the perfect time to book – there are several sales going on, including those that have rolled over from Christmas. Don’t just check one website, as there are many different platforms on which you can purchase your flights and hotel room for various prices, both independently and as a deal together. You will most likely find that the further in advance you are able to book your vacation, the cheaper it is going to be. To save money whilst flying, always pack your heaviest items inside your hand luggage as there is usually no weight limit, so that you can then fill your suitcase with as many clothes as you need without going over the kilograms you had to pay for. Though it’s tempting, never eat out a restaurant whilst you are inside the airport as they are ridiculously expensive yet often do not include the prices on the menu, so you will end up with a surprise bill at the end of your meal that can take a massive chunk out of your overall holiday budget. Though it is enjoyable to get out of your home country and see some new sights, it can be considerably cheaper to take a national vacation instead. There’s bound to be an area of natural beauty or a big city within several hours of driving distance of your home, so why not take your little ones on a different kind of holiday? 

Plan Christmas Beforehand

Though you may think that you have finally broken free from the nightmare that is Christmas with a family, unfortunately it’s time to dip back in. Christmas is always the most expensive time of the year, with presents and gifts galore, festive feasts with all manner of ingredients and utilities bills soaring through the roof. So how do you make such a gluttonous time become much more tame an affordable? Well, besides saying no to the capitalist tradition and cutting out Christmas forever, you can use your initiative to start planning in advance so that you can spread out the cost. January is the perfect time to stock up on things like Christmas cards, crackers, and any festive home accessories, as they all change to a ridiculously low sale price as soon as December the 25th is over. You can easily keep these kinds of items in storage for as long as you like without them degrading in quality, just be sure that there’s no food stuff involved whatsoever and simply pack them away until the holiday season swings around again. Prices always seem to rise as we approach Christmas, so generally making an effort to find and purchase presents for your little ones a few months beforehand might help you to save a bit extra. 

Buy Some Bikes 

A really interesting concept that you may be interested in trying involves ditching your car as much as you possibly can, and deciding instead to take to the paths with your own family bicycles. Once you learn to ride a bike then the skill never goes away, and you can teach your children about the importance of road safety whilst riding a bike so that they can learn some vital lessons about being sensible around other vehicles. Besides the initial investment price of a bicycle there are no costs involved in the use and upkeep, whereas each time that you are your family climb into your car you have to pay things such as fuel, insurance and tax, which really aren’t cheap. If a journey can take you less than half an hour riding a bicycle then there’s no reason that you should take the car instead. It can even be a bonding experience for you to travel as a family unit, as well as a chance to get some fresh air and exercise, so what’s not to love?! 

With any luck, your family will be able to live for less in the new decade by making the most of the tips and tricks that have been detailed above.


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