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How To Keep Your Family Healthy

One of the most important things is to keep your family healthy. And the best way to keep your family healthy is by pre-empting and avoiding illness in the first place. And if this is just for one person, that would be quite easy. As its for a family, this becomes a lot harder. It almost requires military discipline to make sure everyone keeps healthy. 

Here are some tips.

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Wash Often

One of the main things that will keep families healthy is proper bathroom etiquette and especially making sure that kids wash their hands thoroughly after going to the bathroom or playing around in the garden. Before eating dinner, it should be a ritual, and especially if they are feeling ill. Bacteria can be quite persistent and travels well on dirty hands. So making sure there are plenty of washing supplies in the home and be mindful of towels that are used for drying hands. These are the focal points of bacteria and its best to clean these towels often, at a hot temperature.

Sharing Is Not Caring?

Speaking of bacteria, another good piece of advice is to tell your kids not to share (or be more selective with it at least). Sure, it’s nice to share, but it’s also a gateway to bacteria and viruses to spread around. This goes for sharing a drink, a piece of fruit, or even objects. Make sure your kids know the risks of sharing. If they are sharing a drink, it would be better to pour it out before starting on it. Or perhaps even have two straws. And no, backwash ever! As with washing hands, avoiding getting germs, bacteria, and viruses are an excellent pre-emptive measure to keep your kids healthy.

Catch It Early

Also, make sure that kids come to you early on when they feel a bit unwell. In most cases, you can catch something early on and deal with it before it gets any worse. This could be boosting the kids full of vitamins before they catch a cold, or make sure they don’t put too much pressure on that ankle if it’s swelling a bit. Even if it looks like something more serious, you could get it checked out by a doctor. Especially nowadays, with advanced digital imaging, health professionals are able to catch things early on and provide more options for recovery.


Another thing to consider are allergens. These are all sorts of particles that might cause an allergic reaction with members of the family. As the quality of the air keeps getting worse, due to smog and similar effects, more and more kids will have issues with them. This can be a rash or irritation, stuffy nose or even trouble breathing, Avoiding or getting rid of allergens (or at least keeping them in check) is a great idea to keep everybody healthy. This could mean getting a good vacuum that will not re-release these allergens into the air, or getting a HEPA filter that cleans the air. Another thing to consider is pets, which can be a source of allergens. Consider not letting pets such as dogs and cats sleep in with the kids, as this will only add to the allergens.


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