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How to Include Your Baby in Your Workout

Next to all the new chores you get once you have a child,from taking care of their hygiene to trying to maintain your own, it can behard to find the time for your own workout routine. And it gets even harderonce you get back to work. So, it’s easy to see why many new moms put their ownneeds last – but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of organization andcreativity, you can do anything you set your mind to, even work out. Forexample, there are ways to include your baby in your exercise routine – andhere’s how. 

Walk whenever you can

Put your baby in the stroller and get walking. If theweather is nice, you can hit the park or simply stroll around your city. Or, youcan explore your local mall or supermarket. Additionally, you can also find stroller-basedclasses, where you can make some new friends who can motivate you and perhapseven give you some advice if it’s your first time being a mom. You can do thesame with a large carrier if you don’t want to push the stroller all the way.Just make sure your baby is safe – you can’t exactly jog with them until theygain some neck control, but you can always walk.

Experiment with yoga and Pilates

Both yoga and Pilates can improve your strength andflexibility, and it can be great for the baby as well. Once your bundle of joyis about 4-5 months old, you can try some mat exercises. There are many thattarget your abs, which might come in handy after pregnancy, and there are alsomany that can improve your arm strength and make holding your baby much easier.Moreover, you can also sign up for yoga classes for moms and babies and meetsome new moms there too.

Try hiking

Hiking in nature is also an option, but there are somethings to consider before you opt for this kind of exercise. For starters, keepin mind your baby’s temperament. If they tend to be fussy, you might want tokeep the hikes shorter than 30 minutes. Also, if your baby is still young, makesure to use a quality front carrier for the necessary neck support. Having a quality baby carrier, in general, is amust, especially when you’re using it a lot and being active. Also, don’tforget to pack some snacks, drinks, and diapers, and plan your hike in advance.Choose either early morning or late afternoon for your hike, to avoid directsunlight, and make sure to dress properly for the weather.

Get in the pool

Swimming is fun and great for both you and your baby. You’lllove feeling lighter after all those months of feeling heavy, and your babywill enjoy splashing water around them. Plus, exercising in the water with yourbaby is easy – you can lift them up and lower them back in, you can practicefloating, or you can do some simple flexibility exercises. Not to mention thatyour baby will learn how to swim much faster if you introducethem to the water early, so there’s one more benefit of exercising withyour baby in the pool. Just make sure to keep an eye on them at all times, assafety always comes first.

Balance on one leg

Pregnancy can sometimes mess with your balance, so a goodexercise to try is standing on one leg while holding your baby. Your anklesmight shake at first because your joints will be weaker, but in time, you willget stronger, and your joints will stabilize. Once you master that, you canalso try the tree pose – bend the knee of the lifted leg, and bring the sole ofthe bent leg to the inside of the leg you’re standing on. Then repeat on theother side. In time, this can improve both your balance and strength.

Many new moms struggle with getting in shape after having ababy, and they often stress out over it simply because they can’t find the timeto exercise. However, exercising is still possible without leaving your babybehind – all you need is a quality carrier, a bit of creativity, and motivation.So, think about the listed suggestions, and try those that seem the mostappealing to you.


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