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How To Honor A Retiree

A valued colleague who is retiring is a time to honor them for all the value that they have attributed both to the company and their co-workers. Retirement emotes varied emotions from excitement for their future to melancholy feelings of losing someone they have worked next to for years.

Making a retiring coworker’s transition into retirement is a time to show appreciation and to help celebrate the next phase of their life. Now is the time to plan special memories for them. The best way to celebrate is to plan a special event around the retirees’ likes. Knowing your colleague’s tastes will help you select the retirement events and celebratory opportunities that they will appreciate most.

It is important to take the time to make sure each retirement celebratory gift and event involves details that show the retiree how much they meant to the company and to the staff. Personal touches are especially great, like beautifully engraved plaques or other types of memorable accessories.

Plan a special ceremony inviting family, friends, and co-workers. Center the details around a theme tied into personal work experiences. One popular show of memories is having a wall of photo decals with a removable adhesive backing that can be repositioned in a simple peel and stick motion onto any wall. Photos of special moments bring smiles to everyone, especially the retiree.

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As for gifts, etiquette says that coworkers can purchase personal gifts between themselves and the retiree. But, the company should provide a separate gift in addition to an engraved plaque acknowledging years of service and the dates that the retiree has worked for the company.

For example, a personalized gift related to activities that the retiree is planning for their future. If they plan to play golf more often, then how about a set of tees? If they enjoy swimming, give them scuba gear or a trip to a great swimming hole in an exotic location. Give the retiree gifts that will be lasting for years so that when they look at them, it will evoke joy and appreciation.

Yes, retirement is a big deal. It is either the start of a new chapter in someone’s life, the end of their career, or the start of a new career. Cool big life changes should be celebrated. Retirement parties are a great way for an organization to show its appreciation to the retiree.

Retired individuals have worked hard and put a lot of hard work in your company over the years. Therefore, giving them a piece of cake and card is definitely not the way to say how much you have appreciated them all these years.

As a matter of fact, planning a retirement event can also be a themed celebration based on the retiree’s future plans. Again, if golf is a hobby they enjoy, host a party at a golf country club. If the retiree has enjoyed eating out, plan a luncheon or a dinner at one of their favorite eating haunts. Are they a sport’s enthusiast? Why not plan a retirement party with a sports theme or celebrate at a sports event.

Celebrating work retirement was never heard of one hundred years ago. Retirement is a relatively new terminology and celebratory event. Retirement was initiated when the U.S. Federal Government created social security in 1935.

Past history shows that people worked and worked and worked in order to provide for their families. Today, at age 65, the retirement social security age, leaving a company is celebrated with thank you gifts and memorable events like toasts, videos, photos, hugs, and kisses.

Talking about social security, the answer to age 65 retirement is no, you do not have to retire at this age. You can continue to work for as long as you would like. With baby boomers retiring more quickly, there is likely to be a growing number of retirement celebrations.

Honoring a coworker who is retiring is all about recognizing their employee contributions to the success they helped to contribute to the company. Hosting a celebration with colleagues, family members, and friends is indeed an appropriate tribute to the career of a beloved colleague within your professional organization.


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