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How To Help Kids With Their Confidence

Every parent wants their child to love themselves, but we all know how much self-doubt some kids can have. This can be heartbreaking for a parent. You want your child to feel fantastic all of the time, so any hint of lacking confidence will be awful to witness.

As a parent, then, it’s up to you to help them with this confidence so they can develop into the world-beater you know they can be. But how do you help kids with their confidence? 

Help Them Understand Options

The idea of perfection, no matter what, is a wonderful thing to encourage. However, kids are smarter than we can give them credit for, and in some cases, their stubbornness over their appearance may win out over your positive reinforcement. 

You could catch them thinking of dyeing their red hair to blonde; you could find them asking how much do veneers cost because they believe their teeth are slightly less white than their friends. Often, these issues they have with themselves are minor, so there’s little cause for concern, but you can also encourage such alternatives when they are feeling low.

Be a Mirror of Self Love

Many kids will learn how to treat themselves from their parents, and if they witness you or your partner acting like someone who lacks confidence, they will only mirror this as they grow older. 

Instead of allowing them to feed into their insecurities, demonstrate the benefits and power of self-love. Help them see the good about themselves, whether that’s beauty, intelligence, athletic prowess, or creative talent. Through your demonstrations of self-love, they will learn the best way to treat themselves. 

Encourage Hobbies

Hobbies are a fantastic way for kids to build confidence, and it can often open their lives up to opportunities that they never considered before. Every new hobby brings about the potential for doing and learning something new, and this is why you should readily encourage hobbies at every stage.

All kids start out wanting to play sports or an instrument, but these are not for everybody. Instead, allow them to explore different activities. They may discover things that they never expected to love, and they might excel at it more than expected, too. 

Give Praise

Kids can often feel like nothing they do is good enough, and this is unsurprisingly a massive blow to their confidence. If you want to raise a kid who is confident and secure in themselves, praise is the way forward.

However, praise can be tricky, so make sure you only give praise where appropriate. Too much praise and they will start to think of themselves as the best thing since. Likewise, too little recognition is not beneficial for their development. 

Loving Themselves

We all remember how confusing it can be when you are growing up. You are unsure of your place in the world. You lack confidence that it feels your peers have in spades. As a parent, it’s essential to support your kids and help them see the good that they have, and while you shouldn’t be overbearing, a little support will go a long way.


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