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How To Get Over Your Fear Of The Dentist

Being scared of the dentist isn’t something that’s rare. In fact, a lot of us will hate the thought of going to the dentist or are perhaps terrified of going. There are some steps that you can take in order to get over the fear and to allow you to have the checks on your teeth that will continue to keep them healthy and in your mouth for longer!

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Know Your Dentist Well

It’s always worth getting to know your dentist more because they’ll be the ones who are responsible for doing the procedures and making sure that you are comfortable during the process. With that in mind, try to find a dentist who fits your criteria, and that will be the person who will keep you calm. If you don’t get on with your dentist or find them to not be as caring about how you feel, then you can always look elsewhere. One of the biggest fears is being with a dentist who you don’t have complete trust in and any horror stories that you’ve heard about or scenarios that you think up in your head, are only going to be made worse if you don’t like your dentist. So find someone who is going to help you feel the safest and secure.

Ask For Sedation

The process of a dental appointment could simply be a quick check over, or you could be having a tooth pulled out. Either way, the fear of going to the dentist can be enough already, without having to go through the actual appointment. There is a possibility to be sleeping while your dental procedure is completed and that’s because dentists may be able to offer you a sedation in order to help you relax. They may also offer you something to numb the pain, and this anesthetic might make you a little woozy. However, it’s always best to clear this with the dentist before your appointment as they’d need to get the necessary forms signed off. When you’re having sedation, you may want to take a moment before getting back onto or in your relevant transport. It might also be a good idea to ask someone to pick you up in order to take you home safely.

Bring A Friend Or Family Member

It’s always nice to have a familiar face when you’re fearful of certain things. So, if you have a friend or family member available, then it’s certainly worth bringing in a friend or family member to wait with you in the waiting room. Your guest may also be able to come into the room with you, and they will be able to give you those comforting words of support that you may be after during it. The waiting part of it might be the most nerve-racking, so it’s always good to have that person you’re close to, there with you to help you take your mind off it. If they’re a good friend or family member, then they will know what to do in order to make you feel as relaxed as possible.

Communicate During The Procedure

Whilst the procedure is happening, it’s a good idea to speak with your dentist, even though it might not be very easy when they’re looking into your mouth. The dentist might tell you to alert them if there’s pain or any discomfort while they’re doing the check or procedure. Don’t suffer in silence, be vocal about how you’re feeling, especially if you need a little break to recover. It’s important to communicate because the dentist and their assistant aren’t going to know what sensitive parts of the teeth that they’re touching and therefore it’s essential you tell them where and when it hurts.

Bring Something To Distract You

Waiting in the waiting room of the dentists can be the most daunting part. So it’s good to keep yourself distracted where you can. That might be by bringing a friend or family member, but if they’re not available, take some entertainment. A few magazines are a good shout or maybe a good book that you’ve been meaning to read. Listening to some music might be a great way of zoning you out of the situation or watching your favorite tv show or movie.

Getting over your fear of the dentist takes time, but if you follow these tips, the experience will be a lot more manageable than it was before. Communicate with your dentist and express your concerns to help with the procedure.


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