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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Home Appliances

A major appliance breaking down is a busy mother’s nightmare. Here’s how to keep your home appliances in tip-tip condition for longer.

Even with the best of care, you may find yourself needing to replace an important home appliance. I’ve even seen people having to look for a remortgage because all of their appliances started breaking down on them at once. So make sure you don’t short change yourself and need to seek out means of additional finance to keep your home ticking over.

Don’t overload the washing machine!

Overloading your washing machine is a bad idea. For a  mom in a hurry this can be tempting but it causes more problems than it solves. In the short term, your clothes will not be washed properly and you’ll waste energy and water. In the long term, habitually overloading your machine can put too much strain on the moving parts, making it more likely to fail. Wash smaller loads for cleaner laundry and a better lifespan for your washer.

Periodically wipe your refrigerator gaskets to keep them clean, removing all residue and coat them with a thin film of Vaseline

Wiping down your refrigerator gaskets stops dirt and debris from building up and affecting the tight seal that you need to conserve energy. The layer of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) ensures that the refrigerator door seals properly and protects the gasket from perishing. This not only saves money by keeping cold air inside the refrigerator where it belongs but also stops your refrigerator’s motor from having to run constantly to keep the inside cool. This can dramatically affect the number of repairs you’ll need and extend your refrigerator’s useful life.

Regularly cleaning your dishwasher with soap and water to keep a watertight seal

Cleaning out your dishwasher is something you should do frequently. Clean around the inside of the door with soapy water to avoid dirt and detritus affecting the door seal. You should also run your dishwasher empty from time to time, using a cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer.

Don’t overload the clothes dryer and be aware of your dry time.

Overloading the clothes dryer is counterproductive. Because of the lack of air circulation your laundry will take longer to dry, sometimes much longer than if you’d divided your wash into two or more loads. Long term, overloading the dryer means that the motor has to work much harder and the dryer may wear out more rapidly. You should also ensure that your dryer’s exhaust is clear and in good condition, free of leaks or kinks, and that you clean the lint trap frequently.

Clean your oven with a silicone or plastic scraper instead of a metal one.

Metal scrapers can damage the inside of your oven, scratching the interior and shortening its lifespan. Ironically, these scratches also trap more dirt and make it harder to keep your oven clean. A good quality plastic or silicone scraper will do the job just as effectively while being gentle on the inside of your oven.

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