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How To Earn Side Income During The Pandemic

The pandemic has hit us all pretty hard in a lot of ways – emotionally, physically, and financially. While we may have little control over a lot of the things happening around us right now, we can look for ways to improve our financial situation despite current events. To do this, consider marketing your hobbies and skills, selling your stuff and looking for remote job opportunities.

Turn your hobbies and skills into an income

This option takes the most to get yourself set up and ready to start earning an income but can be a really sustainable source of income over time once you’re established. Take an inventory of your skills and hobbies and find ones that you think translate to a skill-based business or e-commerce opportunity

Some examples of marketable skills and hobbies include:

  • Administrative experience – Virtual assistants are in high demand
  • Art – If you’re artistic consider selling your art in an online shop – prints, knitwear, pottery, candles, etc. 
  • Technical skills – IT support is more in-demand than ever, consider using your technical skills to help businesses, schools and/or individuals that have had to switch to remote and online work.
  • SEO skills – Now everyone relies on Google to search for the results. SEO specialists are very popular among small businesses. 

There are also many other less common options out there depending on your experience. For example, someone learns to make candles from her grandmother, so she can open a store on Etsy to sell handmade candles. Also, some people can be quite handy in washer repair. Then he can probably start to get some certifications or courses to explore more opportunities. 

Sell your stuff

The easiest option on the list – sell your stuff! Chances are you’ve done a clear out of your wardrobe and home during the pandemic and come across clothes you no longer wear and household items you have no use for. Instead of throwing them away, consider putting them up on one of the many thrifting apps, selling to consignment stores or using social media marketplaces.

Find remote job opportunities

One of the best things to come out of the pandemic in terms of work is the increase in remote jobs. This removes a lot of barriers for those that want to earn a side income. Browse your local job boards for remote opportunities and apply to any that fit your skillset. 

For example, an IT company will often hire part-time IT support specialists or customer service representations locally or nationally to cover different time zones making it easy to apply to positions that fit your schedule.


Whether you lost your full-time employment, lost a second job or business has been slow, there are ways for you to earn side income during the pandemic. Everything from remote work to selling clothes and household items online can add up to a pretty healthy side income that will have you back on your feet and working towards your financial goals in no time. 

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