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How to dress my child for a family gathering

Girls dresses are not just used to cover the body, but to show a fashion statement. Mothers use such opportunities to either showcase their creative fashion mind or introduce their daughters to colours. However, care must be taken to avoid ruining the moment, especially around older people.



It is a norm that girls dresses are bright and warm colours. Pink is the standard colours in such clothes. However, if the designer is creative, they can enjoin other complimenting colours, as long as the intended dress shape is maintained. People are attracted to colours first before they proceed to the design.

However, since baby dresses are somewhat complex to create, maintain simplicity, and do not overwork the colours. They are small is in size, hence do not require more than 3 colours. Also, avoid using plain colours. If it is pink or light blue, have colour add-ons but not too much to kill the colour-mix.



These are the accompaniments the baby will wear with their dress. Depending on where the baby will wear them, they have to compliment the dress.

  • Baby headbands – they make the baby cute, especially when the hair has not grown enough for a hairband. The flower on the band usually assumes the colour of the dress.
  • Baby earrings and necklaces – they complement the baby’s looks. The two should colour-match with either gold or silver colours, depending on the parents’ preference.
  • Belt – if possible, the belt buckle should match the colour of the earrings and necklace. The belt can be black or any neutral colours to break the monotony.

Occasion Theme

occasion theme

Family gatherings like weddings and other celebrations have a specific colour theme or dress code. To ensure that the baby girl fits into the celebration, parents can create a dress to match the occasion. The mother can create the baby’s dress resembling hers, with unique touches such as the headband and the belt to break the monotony.

If the mother wants her baby girl to be unique, they can complement their colour themes with a neutral colour. It breaks the monotony and creates a centre of attraction, while still rocking the day’s colour theme. In essence, a baby dress can be modified to suit any occasion.

Other Clothes


Besides the dress, other baby clothes include shoes, sweaters and baby pants.

  • There are very many colours of baby shoes in the market to suit any occasion. Since they are not toughened to carry the body weight, they can skillfully be designed to fit any occasion.
  • Sweaters can also be used as a fashion statement to compliment girls dresses. They should fit perfectly and bring out the intended fashion statement.
  • Although worn inside the dress, they have to be attractive. They should be made from a neutral colour.


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