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How to Dress Like a Street Style Icon

When all those street style stars share their amazing photoson social networks, we can’t help but want to look exactly like them. We getinspired by their eye-catching appearance, and the reason why they look sostunning is because of the clothes they wear. If you want to dress like astreet style icon and inspire others as well, here are some things you can do.

Be one of a kind

The queens of street style are usually women who are notafraid to break a few rules and show how unique a person should be. They somehowintroduce new ways to wear items that are old and they bring glamour to stuffthat might look boring without a pinch of creativity. For example, you can seean interesting way of how someone combines a dress with pants. Gilda Ambrosio andGiorgia Tordini are two outstanding ladies who inspire a lot of women to becreative and one of a kind with their outfits. They have a dazzling sense ofstyle, and they like wearing a robe coat over distressed jeans. This is usuallycombined with a vintage T-shirt. For an evening look, a pair of tailoredtrousers and heels is their preferred combination.

Chic and stylish

You can look both effortless and elegant and all that in one same outfit. If you do not know how to accomplish this, take a look at Olivia Palermo’s pics. This lady knows how to be chic and stylish, and it looks like she does not even try too hard. Some women just know fashion and they inspire others whatever garment they throw on themselves. Yet, do not just choose whatever first comes to your mind. If you want to look like her, she usually wears a plain white shirt with patterned shorts and a statement jacket. Femininity is mixed with masculinity this way, and it is a flawless look anyone can achieve.

Bold but sophisticated

We love following it-girls on social networks, especiallythose who show us what a real lady should look like. Christine Centenera is oneof those girls who motivate us to look as good as possible, and she is aperfect fusion of audacious and sophisticated, which is a trend that never getsold. She looks amazing in tailored pieces with unexpected proportions, showingoff her long legs. If you want clothes like hers, any well-supplied online fashion storecan be the place where you will find garments of your preference. You can looklike this star and other ones that inspire you whenever you come across apicture of them.

Urban luxury

You are young and vibrant, and it is the perfect time foryou to experiment with your appearance! You can look sleek and wear outfitsthat are glam rock. If you do this, it means you like the style of KendallJenner. This girl knows what she is doing whenever she picks her outfits and itis completely understandable that she is your idol. It seems like she enjoysbeing in black and white the most, wearing higher necklines, waists and hems toemphasize the shoulders and legs. She manages to blend elegance with grunge,and she often chooses shining details that enrich the whole appearance.

Well-tailored with harmonizing details and colors

You can still be a fashion goddess even if you’d rather gofor matching items and choose not to experiment too much. You can coordinatethe details and colors and look like Miroslava Duma, a Russian street stylegenius. She likes to rock a head-to-toe monochrome look and paired patterns.However, she puts the accent on the outerwear, so that anyone notices her bagand shoes. If she wears a coat, she lets it rest casually on her shoulders, andshe always pays attention to whether it matches the shoes.

Anyone can look like a street style icon. You can browsethrough fashion magazines and enjoy the incredible outfits of famous ladieswhose life is fashion and they are not afraid to experiment and show it to theworld. These girls are elegant, daring, creative, sophisticated and one canlearn a lot by observing them.


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